Rainy Day

We woke up Thursday to rain…not as bad as back in Fairfax according to the house sitter when we checked in but rain nonetheless. We pressed on to breakfast and blogging and by 1000 it had cleared up and the streets were dry. So, another bike ride for Neil (went North first today instead) followed by a 2.something mile beach walk. Leftover lunch from yesterday and book reading and hot tubbing in the afternoon. Dinner was at the Outer Banks Brewery with Sea Salt Porter (yummy!), shrimps, wings, and seared Ahi Tuna salad. Sorry, no pic of me today since I hid and didn’t get into the car and Connie (what a party pooper) said that the whole ‘”picture of a beer mug” thing was overdone.

Dinner was all good (well, that’s what they said since I got no table samples). Needed a few more shrimps though but they had Oreo ice cream for dessert and saved just enough to put in coffee this morning after the melted ice cream like substance fiasco from the other day.

Weather was all better by evening and Connie has scheduled a hike at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge for tomorrow.


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