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Day Trip to Yellowstone National Park

Monday morning…Connie had a nail appointment downtown so off she went while Neil stayed home and did laundry. While he was doing that…he got a call from the urologist’s office. They told him he’s now “free to move about the … Continue reading

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Day Trips Around Cody WY

After Neil’s laser lithotripsy on Tuesday…he felt pretty lousy that night and Wednesday morning but by mid afternoon on Wednesday was feeling pretty good. Nonetheless…we just lazed around through Thursday.  Our original plan was to take a day trip on … Continue reading

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Kidney Stone Success

Just a quick update today on Neil’s kidney stone procedure. He had his second procedure yesterday…and the stent that was in for a week successfully expanded the ureter from kidney to bladder so that the doc could get the scope … Continue reading

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Cody WY…Just Hangin’ Out

Like the title says…we’re just hanging out here in Cody WY waiting on time to pass. After Neil’s abortive kidney stone procedure last Tuesday he was a bit sore until mid day on Thursday so we pretty much did nothing. … Continue reading

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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

That’s what the urologist said anyways. Neil was in for his procedure today…leaving the pre-op room for the OR by about 1220…he was originally scheduled for 1330 but the outpatient surgical center called yesterday and offered him 1200 instead so … Continue reading

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Wind River Canyon WY

After Neil’s appointment with the urologist on Wednesday…we decided to do nothing on Thursday and take a day trip down to Thermopolis WY about 70 miles south to take care of the Fun Stuff© items that we would have taken … Continue reading

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Update From Cody Wy

Well…a week from my last post and I have to admit we’ve done not all that much except for the museum trip detailed below. Last Monday…7/22…we contacted the local urologist to see about Neil’s kidney stone…and got an appointment for … Continue reading

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