The Best Laid Plans…

Yeah…I’m sure ya already know the rest of that cliched saying.

Despite that…we’ve got a long history ‘round these parts at playing things as they are rather than what we want them to be. What is…is…ya know…and you works with whats ya got…and ya gotta do what you gotta do…so that’s just what I’ve gotta do.

(Neil sez…You’re probably wunderin’ what this is all about or what it has to do with anything…but he’ll get to it…eventually…maybe…unless it gets to winter and he has to hibernate…but then do bears in Florida hibernate? Do Pooh bears hibernate…or are they even bears? Most bears hibernate but Pandas do not…but then they’re really raccoons and not bears anyway so they don’t count. I dunno either…so I checked…and according to the Googles© bears in Florida (well, black bears anyway…which as far as me and the Googles© know is all we got down here) don’t hibernate since food is plentiful year round but do enter a semi-hibernation state named torpor it it’s extremely severe winter weather…which in Florida means it’s below 60. My definition of extremely severe winter weather these days is…any day that I can’t wear shorts and flip flops. Anyways…that’s the way I heard it sez Neil).

As you probably know…we’re proud South Dakota residents ever since early in 2012 when we started our preps to be “On the road again, just can’t wait to be on the road again”. We made this decision for tax purposes…we were paying way too much money to VA and since we were going to be not in VA…and because you’ve got to live somewhere…we picked SD as it has no state income tax. Back in Feb of 2012…we drove…believe it or not…all the way from Fairfax VA to Box Elder SD on the western border of the state…in the first week of February and were in shirt sleeve weather the whole 7 day trip. We did run into some snow on I-90 but the traffic only slowed from the speed limit of 75 down to maybe 65 so we just agreed that it was an easy trip.

Anyways…all was fine but we knew that Connie’s drivers license expired in Dec 16 and Neil’s in May 17. So…we took a look at things last year and were deciding whether to remain SD residents or switch over to FL…which we would eventually be doing anyway…and as of November 2015 the answer was clear. You could renew your license online easily as long as you had the Gold Star for a Patriot Act compliant license. No muss…no fuss. We had what is known to be one of those “best laid plans…” that was just not to be.

So’s we get here for the winter this year…and what with Connie’s eye surgery and all we went ahead and tried to renew hers in SD…no need for an eye test to do that and while she may or may not be drive-legal now or later…if the old license expires then you have to start all over with taking the test and all…and well, let’s just say that her ability to parallel park…even before the retina separation…well anyway it’s pretty dismal…like non-existent dismal…like don’t even go there dismal.

So Neil goes online, does the whole renew my license thing paperwork for her…and the page says “Your new license will be there in 2-3 weeks.” Great we thought…but then the subject line of this post kicked in.

Earlier this week…she gets an email from SD that says…essentially…that you have to spend one night in SD within the past year in order to renew your license. It’s not quite clear whether this is a new requirement or just a better explained on their web page or just a reinterpreted requirement…but anyways you now have to have spent a night in SD within the past year. So Neil quickly checks our “campgrounds we stayed in” spreadsheet…and we were overnight in Oacoma SD at Al’s Campground on 9/11/15. As Maxwell Smart would put it…”missed it by that much.”

So we reviewed our options.

First one was to drive to SD and back. It’s about 2200 miles there from North Fort Myers…so figure 4400 miles round trip. That’s probably 8 days driving and on the order of $800 in diesel fuel plus 8 nights in a hotel (we wouldn’t take the rig or it would be more days and more fuel and while campgrounds are cheaper than hotels it’s not significantly cheaper in the grand scheme of things). Add in eats and brews and such…and this gets to be a pretty expensive alternative.

Second option is to just go ahead and change our residency/domicile over to FL…which would let us get a DL here. The kicker there is that you have to do things in a certain order down here. Due to living full time in our RV…you have to have a vehicle registration first…rather than your mailing address they put your RV tag number (for full timers) as your address on the license. So we need tags first. However, getting tags means you have to have 2 pieces of mail with a FL address on them and that obviously requires a FL mailing address. Add in the time to get said pieces of mail (they want bank and/or insurance company somethings) and it takes awhile for these to happen. She called up and talked to SD and they’ll give her a temporary one for good up to a year but we have to wait closer to her birthday when the old one expires. Once she’s got an unexpired license and all the other stuff is taken care of then she can get a FL license…assuming she can pass the vision test. We’re not sure yet whether she’ll be drive legal…but at this point she’s decided that if she’s just barely drive legal then she won’t want to drive in unfamiliar places…so we’ll plan on not having a car for future travel seasons. We do plan on replacing our dead Mazda and then we’ll just store the car here in North Fort Myers while we’re traveling. That way we’ll have easier parking times and better fuel mileage while we’re here in FL…and she’ll (assuming she is drive legal) feel better about not having to have Neil schlep her everywhere she wants to go.

We talked about it a bit…well, they did but certainly didn’t ask *my* opinion…but then as a bear I’m a citizen of the world and don’t limit myself to such minor territorial things like man made borders and such…anyways they talked about it and decided to go ahead and switch to FL. 

Neil got us a new mailing address…we’re going to use a service named St. Brendan’s Isle in Green Cove Springs. It was originally setup for full time boaters…hence the name…but expanded into RV full timers as time went on. They’ve actually got a better service than our old one Americas Mailbox does…almost everything is done online and the instances of actually having to get paper sent from the service to wherever we actually are will be way fewer…especially as the vast majority of our mail gets scanned and shredded anyway. Cost-wise…we’re not sure how it’s going to work out as it depends on how much actual mail they open and scan for us and how many actual shipments are sent out. Total cost will be in the $500 per year range…and we’re paying the same ballpark now with Americas Mailbox…but even if it’s more expensive by 300 bucks a year that’s 25 per month and as Neil used to say back during his DoD budget days…that’s just decimal dust or rounding error.

So now comes the fun part…we get to change our address everywhere. Neil went online yesterday and changed all of our banking stuff over and has our truck insurance broker working on redoing that policy. We’ve got a spreadsheet from back when we moved out of the house with all of our addresses that got changed then…so he updated it and we’ll crunch through and get them all done. Luckily…you can do almost everything online these days instead of having to send out change of address cards.

We’ll keep our Americas Mailbox account through it’s current expiration on 1 Mar 17…that way we’ll have some overlap and anything else that comes in we’ll just make sure we add to the spreadsheet.

That’s about all the news that’s fit to print for us…we’re pretty much doing our normal nuttin’ these days. Connie’s got another followup with her eye surgeon Dr. Smiddy a week from Monday. I can report that she’s seeing more and more…and better and better…just about every day. She’s gone from not being able to read anything on the TV to being able to read the scores of the football game as long as it wasn’t black print on a light background…to being able to read all scores…to being able to read the time remaining…to being able to read the play clock. Don’t know if that’s drive legal or not…but she feels like she could drive safely as long as it was daylight…the night and her right eye being able to see some in the dark sort of confuses her brain…and she knew where she was going so no need to read street signs and it’s not rush hour traffic. She can see traffic lights, traffic, and things like speed limit signs just fine. We’ll keep ya updated on that front.

Alabama’s football team continues to roll along…we’ve watched a bunch of football this season and they’re clearly the best overall team in college this year. Nobody’s unbeatable though…that whole any given team on any given day thing…so they just need to keep following the process and do your job as Coach Saban would say…but if they play their game than it’s hard to imagine anybody beating them during the regular season. The SEC Championship game should either be…assuming the Tide wins out…against Tennessee who they’ve already beaten 49-10 or Florida who lost to Tennessee. The playoffs are a whole ‘nother thing…but that’s why they play the games ya know. What the NCAA really needs to do is expand the playoff field to 8 teams, and play the first round on campus at the stadium of the higher seeded team…just like they do in all other divisions of football in the NCAA. The semi finals can remain on New Years and the championship game a couple weeks later like they do now. Actually…expanding to a field of 16 and playing 2 rounds on campus immediately after the season would be even better but there’s too much money involved for that to happen…but expanding the field to 8 would mean you need to win 3 times to be the champ…and while there will always be arguments from the 5th seeded team in the current 4 team playoff that they shoulda been included…you can be pretty sure that if you pick 8 teams that you’ve gotten all the actual contenders and not pretenders on the list. Here’s a shot of the Tennessee mascot earlier last week before they got obliterated by the Tide.


Another interesting story we saw this week…ever since 1984 when the Macintosh was introduced they’ve been pooh-poohed (as opposed to Pooh which would be that I/Me bear idea or Pooh-poohed which would be that whole ‘in the woods idea’)…as being more expensive for bidness than a Winblows computer. This “truth” was propagated by Microsloth and corporate IT departments for years…even as file compatibility became not an issue between Mac and Winblows operating systems…and as Winblows viruses numbered in the high hundreds of thousands while Mac based attacks were in low double digits…and as Internet and collaboration workflows made file type and not computer type the thing you cared about. Anyway…back in 2015 IBM expanded on a 3 year pilot program and offers each employee either a Macintosh or Winblows computer at each 4 year technology refresh. They’ll deploy their 100,000th Macintosh this year…about 80 percent of users are choosing Macintosh over the alternative…and total support costs are up to $543 cheaper per user over the 4 year period. IBM has a total of 5…count em 5…support admins for their 90,000 installation. Granted…they do use a remote management and update application to help manage them but the simple fact is…and has always been…that Macs are cheaper to operate and maintain in the long run since they have fewer bits of malware to worry about and most users can solve most of their own problems. Neil’s always called that other operating system the “IT Department Full Employment Act”.

For instance…suppose you’re at work…or trying to fix your grandmom’s computer over the phone…and you have a Mac and a Winblows machine…and each has crashed to the point where it will not boot. Powers up fine…but does not recognize a bootable operating system partition…this happens a lot with that other OS but not so much with Macintosh as they went to a unix based kernel type operating system 15 years ago…this is inherently a more stable and self repairing architecture. We’ll assume that it’s just the operating system that’s failed…not the hardware…and that the user’s data is safe…it’s mostly on a company server or auto backed up by the operating system if you’re using a Macintosh…Winblows has an auto backup routine but it’s not nearly as seamless. Anyway…broken operating system but data is fine. If the drive itself is corrupted and must be reinitialized…then you need one more menu drag down and maybe 3 more mouse clicks to reinitialize the drive.

How does one recover from this…let’s assume it’s your grandmom and she’s got you on the other end of the phone.

On a Macintosh

Step 1…you have her power up the computer while holding the option key down. From the existing screen she chooses the icon named “Recovery Disk” and hits OK. Recovery partition operating system loads and connects to her internet connection. She clicks “Install OS”. The image of the latest operating system is downloaded and the installer application starts automatically. It asks her to choose a disk…you tell her to select the icon that says “Macintosh HD” or whatever you named the hard drive when you loaded the machine for her. She clicks OK.

Step 2…she’s finished. After 20 or so minutes the computer boots up to the desktop, she logs in with her password and all her stuff is where she left it.

Step 3…there is no step 3…well unless you have to initialize the disk as noted above but then step 1 becomes step 2, and 2 becomes 3.

On a Winblows machine.

Neil was a former Windows Systems Administrator…and he says that he guarantees you can’t successfully talk your tech luddite grandmom through all the possible choices for reloading the Windows OS. Between finding the installation key, choosing the right thing to install, and picking the right install options there are just too many choices to make…and he’s had many experiences trying to talk people through it over the phone…that it’ll almost never work.

I realize many of you use those other machines…but as the famous author Tom Clancy said “Never ask a man what kind of computer he uses. If it’s a Mac he’ll gladly tell you but if it’s a Windows machine…why embarrass him?.” I’m just (well, Neil is actually sez he) glad that that old “truth” has been demonstrated to be false. Mac users knew it all along…but like those northeastern elite liberals…Micsosloth users just knew that they were better off and didn’t want to be confused by the facts.

Truth is…these days it doesn’t matter what you use. Files and internet protocols are platform agnostic…so use what appeals to you. Neil even knows a guy that still…to this day…uses BSD Unix and has his desktop load to a command prompt…and runs text based based email and web browser applications. Not sure what he does for web pages that are more complicated than just words on the screen…there are applications for unix that spawn a window/mouse/icon/WYSIWIG interface for you and you can run Firefox or whatever browser you want in there.

And they’re not more expensive either…as long as you’re comparing similarly spec’ed and quality of component hardware…but you can still buy a machine that runs Windows for less money…but then you get what you pay for…Apple’s not interested in making low end, minimal spec, bottom feeder, built in somebody’s garage, almost non profit hardware.

Ok, on to interesting things found on the net this week.

First up is Jeopardy…and it’s the Daily Double…and it’s a picture…The category is TV shows and the clue is “To see an iconic TV character” . Make sure you phrase your answer in the form of a question. I’ll get back to you later for your response.


Yeah…about that.

YMCA Chinese

So very, very accurate.


This is the coolest sea creature ever…a Spanish Dancer Jellyfish. Wow.


Back in the day…as an aside here there was a…according to Breaking News at least…massive DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on the internet in the NE US today…and…again according to Breaking News…a US official announced “looking at all possible scenarios, including cyber-activity”. Me…I thought that it pretty much had to be cyber activity if it was an attack on the internet…but hey…that’s just me…and I’m just a bear so what do *I* know.


I’m sure this actually happened during the recent near miss of Hurricane Matthew off the Florida east coast…and I’m sure she’s blond…she forgot her iPhone.


This is my kinda job…really.


I’m thinking the folks in Cornwall don’t think much of Londoners.


And finally…this is the most amazing lighthouse I’ve ever seen. I know they gotta be on the seacoast…and that they are frequently in precarious looking places and all that jazz…but how the heck does the lighthouse keeper get up there? For that matter…how did the lighthouse itself get there? I’m sure that today it’s all supplied via helicopter since there’s a helipad on the top of the rock…but how did the guys that blasted the top flat and built the helipad get up there? No idea where this is in the world…but way, way cool…even cooler than the Spanish Dancer Jellyfish.


That’s it for now I guess.

Wait…let’s get back to our Jeopardy question. As you recall…the clue was “to see an iconic TV character”. The character is obviously Columbo and his faithful companion Dog…well at least that’s the best guess for what the little d dog was named. He tried renaming him to Beethoven in one 2nd season episode but apparently Dog didn’t like that so he remained Dog…anyways the only things missing are the ever-absent and never actually seen but heard (at least Columbo’s end of the conversation) Mrs. Columbo and his Peugeot. Columbo did tell a boy in one episode of the series that the dog didn’t have a name. Dog was actually only in a half dozen episodes out of a total of 69.

And now for your answer…”Who is Columbo?” you say. Bzzzzzzzzzzzt. The correct answer is…of course…”And you went to Budapest why?”. This statue is in that city and Peter Falk’s maternal grandparents were from Hungary.

Side question…even though Mrs. Columbo was never seen on the original show there was a short lived spin off in 1979 named Mrs. Columbo. Extra points given if you know who plated the title role…the clue is “She later played a Captain named Kathryn.”

Anyways…sorry to make such a long complicated story about changing our address…but I had to write about sumtin’…and as I said way back at the beginning we works with what we got. Neil actually did a 10 minute educational presentation back in the day about the parts (including long scientific sounding names) and construction of a standard black US government ball point pen…but again…if it’s what ya got it’s what ya got. 

Who is Kate Mulgrew? Obviously. The same basset hound appeared in the spin off series as was in the original…although Columbo never put in an appearance. The dog’s name in the spin off was Whitefang…not Dog…so I dunno what to tell ya.

Quick…help me out of this rathole.


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What’s Up With the Idiots in Washington

Ya know…there were a couple of things on the news this week that just got me to thinking just what those folks are smoking up there…

Nah…I’m not gonna talk about the complete inability of either the Executive or Legislative branches to do their jobs with anything approaching competence. Nah…not gonna talk about the ridiculous state of affairs with the election. I’m just gonna stick with the Defense Department and wonder why the spend the money they do on the things they do.

Now I’m only talking about the Navy and Air Force here…but the Army has their share of stupid stuff as well…it just didn’t make the news in the past couple of weeks.

Back in the day…we used to remember that warships…and warplanes… were designed to do their job which is to kill people and break things belonging to the enemy…and be survivable enough to get back home. Here are a couple of examples…first up is a B-17 back in WWII that successfully delivered it’s bomb load onto some German target and after getting the crap shot out of it managed to make it back to England so the crew lived to fly and fight another day…although it’s not clear whether the airplane did.

B 17 Damage

Here’s a shot of the USS San Francisco…a Los Angeles class SSN built in the late 80s or early 90s. In 2005 it ran into a sea mount south of Pearl Harbor HI that was either uncharted or incorrectly charted…can’t remember which…anyway it was doing 24 knots (about 27 mph) when it ran into a cliff face. Emergency blow to the surface and it was able to return to port. Repaired and is still in service today.


Here’s the USS Cole…again built in the early 90s and damaged by the suicide boat bomb attack in Yemen. It settled on the bottom of the harbor but was brought back to the US, repaired, and returned to the fleet and is in service today.


Then there’s this cheaply build but expensive piece of junk the Navy is buying today…the Littoral Combat Ship or LCS.


It’s made of aluminum…is barely armed and would probably be outgunned by 3 rednecks hunting ducks. It was a good idea…at least in theory…build a cheap, minimally crewed ship so they could be built in usable numbers and have multiple mission modules so the same ship could do anti air warfare, anti submarine warfare, mine clearing and several other missions. Unfortunately…they don’t work. So far the Navvy has commissioned 3 or 4 of them and at least 3 suffered sever engineering casualties…some of these were caused by design flaws and some by crew incompetence. The latest issue with one of them was the LCS Montgomery…which after commissioning up on the east coast was headed towards the Panama Canal on the way to it’s west coast homeport. It suffered one of those engineering casualties and was towed into Jacksonville for repair. Unfortunately the repairs weren’t completed by the time Hurricane Matthew was on the way up the coast last week…so it was ordered to get underway to ride out the storm. The high speed engines weren’t repaired yet but the more fuel efficient cruising engines were and it was deemed safe enough to go to sea to evade the storm. Unfortunately when the tugs came alongside it to assist it away from the pier there were some waves in the Navy basin at Jacksonville and the tug bumped into the side of the ship. This resulted in cracking one of the hull welds and they had a hole in the side of the ship just above the waterline…as well as severally damaged internal hull framing.

Now one wonders if a tug banging into the side of the ship poked a hole in it…what would happen if somebody say…shot at it? Ya gotta wonder…but this is the ship of the future.

Then there’s the new Zumwalt class destroyer…ya know…that’s the one with the supercool stealth hull. Now it might look cool…but again it’s fairly unarmed for it’s size and the $3+ billion dollars it cost…but it turns out that it just might roll over and sink in a storm. I’ll grant you that it requires a specific set of circumstances where the ship is going down-sea but slower than the wave speed and has to have the seas off the quarter…but ya gotta wonder just why one would build a ship that is dynamically unstable in certain sea conditions…particularly as the super-duper stealthy design turns out to be not so stealthy after all. The original plan was to build 30something of these things…but that’s now been chopped to 3 as it’s mission is largely gone now that the Cold War is over.


Then there’s the F-35 or Joint Strike Fighter…this again looked 20 years ago (that’s how old the program design and requirements are)…let’s build a single plane to fit all the needs of the Navy, Marines, and Air Force and then just slightly modify it to meet individual services needs. So they tried to build a plane with minimal radar cross section that would serve as a supersonic air superiority fighter, low and slow close air support for engaged troops on the ground, V/STOL with unimproved airstrip capability for the marines and sufficiently strong landing gear and dual engines for carrier use by the Navy. Let’s see how that worked out…and remember that the Air Force has declared this plane to be operational.

  • it’s something like triple the cost it was originally estimated at…$233 billion originally and now up to $1.5 trillion depending on which estimate you believe…the Air Force estimate is only $600 billion or so but they want to lowball the overruns.
  • the Air Force version has engine problems…several have caught fire while starting the engines or taxiing…apparently you an’t start the engine if the wind is blowing from the rear.
  • it sucks gas…and because the stealth characteristics mean all fuel must be carried internally it has little range and very limited loiter time over a target area to do close support.
  • the operational testing folks and DoD Inspector General have expressed “grave doubt” that it will be combat worthy or achieve it’s performance requirements.
  • it’s failing even internal Air Force testing…which means they just moved the goalpost and declared the original requirement unrealistic.
  • it’s inadequately protected against lighting strikes either airborne or on the ground
  • it’s stealth covering isn’t waterproof…the darn thing can’t fly in the rain and must be kept in a covered hanger to eliminate damage due to rainfall…so much for unimproved airstrip operation.
  • it’s fancy helmet system which lets the pilot look around…since the stealth construction eliminates cockpit visibility in any direction far aft of the beam…doesn’t work. And the helmet is individually fitted for a particular pilot…so if his helmet (which costs something like $300K each) is broke today he can’t fly.
  • while maneuvering at high speeds…it suffers unintended rolls in a random direction.
  • it can’t run on warm fuel that came from a fuel truck sitting in the sun.
  • it’s completely redesigned ejection seat doesn’t work.
  • it’s radar system software has problems and has to be rebooted frequently…imagine how hard it will be to fight the enemy when you need to reboot your radar software. 
  • the gun it needs in order to replace the A-10 Warthog…which the Air Force keeps trying to retire…as a close air support platform won’t be ready until 2019 at least…even assuming the software is ready to go by then. Even when it is ready…it’s a less powerful tank killer than the A-10 has, and has 1/3 the ammo supply. With a full belt it’s got under 4 seconds of fire…or about 2 bursts. The A-10 has about 9 bursts…and also carries anti tank missiles that the F-35 can’t employ.
  • as an air superiority fighter…it can’t out run or outmaneuver existing potential adversary aircraft and is slower and less maneuverable than those it’s replacing…not to mention that it only carries 2 air to air missiles. I sure hope it doesn’t come up against a flight of 4 adversaries. 
  • it’s got this super duper computer operated maintenance, troubleshooting, and support system…and about 80% of the problems it identifies are false positives…which means it’s not really broken even though the diagnostic says it is.

This thing is even a bigger boondoggle than the LCS is…the ship has problems but not to the extent this plane is. All of the above deficiencies are just for the Air Force version…the Navy and Marine versions are even further behind it in the schedule.

I guess the old lesson about trying to do everything means you end up not doing anything well has been forgotten by both services.

I guess the old adage that better is the enemy of good enough has also been forgotten. I’m all for reducing casualties in warfare…especially since Neil was in that business…but one of the drawbacks of using the military is that people are going to get killed. DoD and the public just need to accept that fact and not try to gold plate and have every possible feature they can possibly think of added to a weapon system whether it makes sense or not.

Ok, enough of that…I didn’t mean to rant but when our candidates are talking about raising taxes…and then spending the increase 3 or 4 times over…one’s gotta wonder why the services insist on overspending. Maybe it’s just a rice bowl issue…I dunno. Military folks always want new ways to break things and kill people…and I can see why that’s a good thing but this is getting ridiculous me thinks.

On to interesting things of the week.

Can anybody tell me what Chinese sexual orientation is? Enquiring minds wanna know.


This is how you repair an airplane.


It’s working.


What a deal.


And this is why we don’t do Facebook.



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Dodging the Hurricane Matthew Bullet

Well…we’ve successfully dodged the bullet that was Hurricane Matthew…

As ya’ll already know…it started over near Africa where these things normally start and tracked westward through the Windward islands, across the Caribbean and then took a sharp northward turn…crossed Haiti and Cuba and then continued on up the east coast of Florida and parts farther north.

We were keeping a weather eye on it…that’s a Naval term ya know…and had given ourselves three options…stay in place which we would do unless the winds here in SW FL were forecast for over 45 knots…seal up the house and take ourselves north out of danger if the winds were going to be up to 55 knots or so…and hitch up and go to protect our home from damage should the winds be beyond that. We figured that a 450 or so mile trip north and then either west of Tallahassee or east of Atlanta depending on the forecast track would be sufficient and that we could do that in one day.

We were checking the storm updates every few hours and knew that Wednesday afternoon would be decision time…Neil went ahead and stowed the flag, awning, grill, chairs and other outside stuff so on Tuesday afternoon that we could leave on a couple hours notice.

By Wednesday evening…it was clear that the storm would remain on the east coast and most likely not make landfall until well north of Daytona at least…it actually ended up with landfall up in northern SC. The forecast for over night Thursday when it would be closest to us was for 20-30 knot winds and 1-2 inches of rain here in the Fort Myers area. With that in mind…and seeing as how the trees surrounding Seminole campground usually knock most of the breeze down anyway…we decided to stay in place.

Sure enough…we might have seen 20 knots of wind overnight and just a few passing showers…nothing to really worry about. By Friday morning we were in clear blue skies with some wind but that was about it. We did have some partly cloudy weather later on Friday afternoon as the cloud bands on the SW side of the storm passed overhead but nothing beyond that. We did continue to track the storm though…as up until Saturday evening the weather guessers were calling for it to make a turn east, then back to the southwest as it weakened into a tropical storm and then a tropical depression with a second pass over the Bahamas and Cuba. We figured that we would continue watching and take the same 3 options as above if/when it was necessary. By late Saturday the projected track had changed and what remains of the storm headed almost due east into the Atlantic…where hurricanes go to die.

The east coast of the state from Daytona up to Jacksonville got slammed pretty hard mostly with storm surge…winds were relatively light mostly in the ‘barely hurricane force’ range over the state with a bunch of rain and storm surges up to 9 or 10 feet above normal high tide…I’m quite sure that our favorite military campground Pelican Roost RV on the Mayport Naval Station was under water…the park might be 5 or 6 feet above the river and it’s right at the mouth of the St. John’s on the Atlantic.

The other storm Nicole turned north and passed Bermuda well before it got anywhere near the US and there are no storms left to worry about at this time…and none even on the radar all the way to Africa. Hopefully since we’re now well into October and the ocean is cooling we’ve seen the last of the storms.

Our friends Ray and Janet stayed at their home over in the Fort Pierce area…the water there never came out of the canal they live on and their New Horizons was tied down in the back yard…they only had some tree damage. Seminole pretty much filled up Thursday afternoon…it looked like January around here for a couple of days as a lot of folks over on the east coast got out of Dodge with their RVs and came over this way once it was clear that western FL would be pretty much unaffected.

Enough storm stuff already…on the eye front Connie continues to improve…we haven’t been back to the doctor again but she’s seeing more and more on both the TV (she’s gradually been able to read the football score, then the time remaining and can now even read the yellow ‘Flag’ icon that comes up for penalties…still no good with the play clock though).

God’s team Alabama continued to impress this weekend…downing Arkansas with Tennessee and A&M in the next two weeks. Things are looking good for a successful season for the Tide.

On to Interesting Things of the Week…we didn’t do anything except watch Matthew’s progress since my last post.

These two were provided by Neil’s baby sis MJ.



How to tell twins apart…I guess this works.


Since the election is going on…here is a truckload of political promises.


Art has come a long way


A milk truck crashed and moments later the looters showed up.


If you remember the lifeguard at the Olympic swimming venue in Rio…how about being the lifeguard at the World Lifesaving Championships…is this the most useless job evah?


Darth Vader’s rarely seen wife.


And finally…a couple of sample bathroom signs…warning some of these are probably politically incorrect but them I’m a politically incorrect kinda bear ya know.





That’s it for now.


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Eye Surgery Followup #2

Wow…two weeks since my last post…and I wish I could tell ya about all the really cool stuff we been doing…but unfortunately the really cool stuff schedule has been pretty lacking.

Since my last post on the 17th…we went to Bingo twice and Connie still didn’t win. Everybody at the bar won last week except her…with one person winning 3x and her daughter winning 2x…she’s the Lodge secretary so we’re thinking that since they won 5 of 11 games the fix mighta been in. Maybe not though. Neil got roped into calling the week before…the normal caller quit since he got tired of all the harassment he was getting so one of the ladies who normally plays was calling. Neil volunteered to call so she could play…and it wasn’t a whole game before he got bitched at and by the en of the night he had gotten bitched out by 3 of long time member ladies. He won’t make that mistake again…everybody is allowed to have fun at Bingo except him I guess so he’ll just sit at the bar and drink beer instead. Nuts as the guy at Bastogne said.

We went to the Nauti Parrot for dinner one night…we got some work done on the rig…and got some of the work redone as the LR A/C unit was making a rubbing noise after replacing the fan motor, turned out the squirrel cage fan needed a little adjustment on it’s shaft to stop the rubbing. We got our 2 leaky windows fixed as well as our duct issue in the BR…but still have a leak from the LR A/C unit and have a new one from the BR one after last night’s storm. Neil’s got an email in to Gordon to come and try again on fixing the leak.

We’re keeping an eye out on Hurricane Matthew…it’s currently down off the coast of Columbia heading west but is forecast to turn north this afternoon and tomorrow passing over the east end of Jamaica Monday and eastern Cuba Tuesday. The current track has it staying east of Florida tracking through the Bahamas on Wednesday and Thursday before heading up the coast. The far western edge of the tracking cone comes about to the east coast of Florida…so at worst we should just get some rain and medium winds here late next week. If it turns and heads either across to the western part of Florida or into the gulf we’ll reevaluate…but we’re currently planning on staying put. If it gets threatening we’ll either close up the house and pull the slides in before evacuating with Big Red or take the house with us if it looks to be really bad here…but at this point we’re not worried about it at all. Whether we evacuate north towards Atlanta/east coast or west toward Mobile would depend on the storm’s projected track when we leave.

Connie had another (2nd) eye surgery followup on Friday and she’s seeing most of the 20/70 line and all of the 20/90 line. The tech said she should have 3 more lines by her next visit which would put her near 20/40 or 20/50 and that’s before she gets her glasses prescription adjusted for the new normal. The doc said she’s doing exactly as expected and expects to see continued acuity improvement over the next month before it mostly settles out…although he said it wasn’t abnormal to see improvement for up to a year after surgery. She’s already doing better than she expected it to be…so at this point we’re pretty happy with the outcome and should be even happier later. We go back in another month…which means we’ll have to cancel our current reservations up at Cedar Key’s Low Key Hideaway from Oct 20-31…that’s the one reservation we didn’t already cancel…but we’ll just reschedule those already paid for nights to the same 10 days next fall instead. We were waiting until the appointment to make a decision on whether the 300 mile trek up there and back was worth it or worked into the schedule.

Neil saw on the news this week that 3 of the brand new Littoral Combat Ships (LCS)…these are the low cost, barely armed warships the Navy is buying today…had propulsion casualties in the last couple of months…one of them appears to have been operator error but the other two appeared to be bad design. Not to be outdone…the brand new Zumwalt class destroyer…that’s the stealthy looking one at multiple billions each…well, it had a propulsion casualty as well. It also turns out that the high tech stealthily shaped hull form (a) isn’t quite as stealthy as claimed and it’s almost obsolete before it’s commissioned as the originally planned buy of 30 has been scaled back to 3 due to cost…but the tumblehome hull profile (that’s the technical term for the shape of the hull) is inherently less stable than a standard hull form and if it’s at the right speed with a following sea (i.e., it’s moving the same direction as the waves…then it’s technically possible for it to capsize if the wave hits it at the right angle at the wrong time. Now I’m no naval expert…but building a warship (or any ship for that matter) that might not be able to handle rough weather seems…dumb. Like the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter that keeps catching on fire and can’t shoot missiles or guns…both  of these ship classes seem to be gold plated and more designed to keep the right share of Defense dollars coming into the service buying them than for actually fighting and winning a war. Seems counter productive to me…but as I said I’m no expert.

That’s about all that happened…so let’s move on to interesting things this week.



Teach your kids about taxes.


Parking signs at a Laser Eye Center here in Florida.


Must be a tough school.


And you think your day at work is bad.


We seem to have hit a fork in the road.


And as anybody with kids knows…here’s a shark stepping on a Lego.



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Surgery Day

Let’s start this one off with a Pro Tip…one should just avoid downtown Miami FL during rush hour…just don’t do it.

I wish I could report great things happening since we arrived in North Fort Myers and my last post…but I can’t…so I’ll tell ya about Connie’s eye stuff instead.

The reason we came down early…and I recommend against coming this far south in September as it’s just way, way too darned hot…was to get Connie’s eye worked on since she had some leftover scar tissue from her detached retina repair back in May. So we headed 45 miles south to the University of Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Naples branch on Sep 14 to have an appointment with Dr. Smiddy to see about getting it fixed. They tested her vision and even with her glasses on she was seeing less than 50% of the letters on the 20/350 line on the eye chart so she was 20/400 rated. He confirmed that she needed the surgery…explaining that the scar tissue was caused by retina back side cells that had floated free during the detachment attaching themselves to the front side of the retina…and they sort of scrunch the retina up like a crumpled kleenex…the scrunched retina causes a hump which interferes with proper focusing of the lens onto the retina. The treatment is to surgically remove the scar tissue…basically the scrape it off…and that lets the retina go flat again…although it retains the wrinkles it used to have while it was scrunched up and hence she should not expect to get back to vision the way it was before the detachment. He said “let’s talk about scheduling” and then “how about tomorrow”. He does surgery over in Miami Mondays and Thursdays and wants to see her the day after surgery and it was either Sep 16 or wait 2 weeks as he’s spending all of next week over in Miami seeing patients there. So we opted for Sep 16 and he told us to be there (downtown Miami) at 0800.

Now the Institute over there is 157 miles from Seminole…so you know that meant we got up at 0dark30 to head over. We were on the road with Big Red shortly after 0400 and it’s a good thing we left earlier than we thought necessary as we had about 15 miles of stop and go traffic with associated idiots cutting in and out and generally doing stupid things to get a car length ahead…we got to the Institute about 0730. First problem was that the parking garage was too low for Big Red to fit into…but luckily we spotted a surface lot and got in there then hustled up to the 5th floor. 

We started with one of their PAs Terry about 0805 with medical history and a review of the procedures she was getting. First up was a vitrectomy which sucks all the goop out of your eye…this makes space for them to work with their tools and makes it easier to see. They cut a couple of 1/8” or so long incisions in the white part of the eye and stick their tools in while viewing things through the lens at the front. The second procedure was a somthing_or_other_ectomy…well, one of those ectomy words anyway…which is the actual procedure for scraping off the scar tissue. Why can’t they call it just plain old “scraping off the scar tissue” I have no idea…but they’re doctors so they need to make it sound more complicate than it really is I guess. They told us it would be 4-6 hours and gave Neil a super secret patient number…it was 13406…so he could track her progress through pre-op, anesthesia, start and stop of the procedure, surgery complete, and recovery as things went along.


This neat little status board was in the waiting room so he followed her along…sure enough, her scheduled 1030 surgery started about 1015 and finished at 1043…just about the half hour that Dr. Smiddy said it would take. He told her as he left the OR that everything went as expected and he would see her Friday morning over in Naples. 

She was on some IV stuff that made her pretty loopy as well as some local shot into the eye area…the recovery nurse came and got Neil about 1110 and took him back…we finished up the post-op instructions, she got dressed, and we headed for the parking lot about 1130. Neil offered to go and get Big Red…she declined…then when we went out into the sunlight she was completely blind as her operated on eye had a patch on it and the bright light washed out her right eye as it normally does…I gotta tell ya she was pretty freaked out by that.

Neil offered her his elbow like you do for a blind person and we spent a good 10 minutes negotiating the block and a half over to the parking lot then headed out for home. We kept looking for lunch and finally spotted the Golden Arches about 30 minutes later so we grabbed a couple of burgers and pressed on arriving back at the house about 1515. We immediately took a nap for a couple of hours as we were wiped out.

Once we got up…Neil said she looked like a pirate…her response was Aaaaarrggh!!


After dinner we headed off to bed early…and showed up Friday morning Sep 16 at 1010 for our first followup visit. They took the patch off, she popped on her glasses…and her immediate comment was “Wow, I can see better.” A quick eye chart scan showed her getting 4/5 on the 20/200 line so she’s already got significant improvement and it should only get better from here. We go back in 2 weeks for another follow up on Sep 30 and she has some drops for Neil to put in 4x a day until they run out. The gauze pad she’s supposed to leave on until the eye feels the same with or without it…probably 2 days or so…and she needs to keep either the hard protecting patch or her glasses on to serve as a mechanical shield for the eye at least until that appointment so when the gauze comes off she’ll just use glasses during the day and the patch at night.

We’re glad that things are looking up…hopefully they’ll continue to improve as expected over the next 6 weeks…she may need a new lens prescription for that eye as well but we’ll worry about that later. She’ll probably also need cataract surgery within a year to fix it as well but again…we’ll worry about that later.

We now pause for a short political rant.

  • Why is it that liberals are quick to excuse behavior by their selected political candidates while condemning the identical behavior by the other side’s candidate?
  • Why do liberals…and tea party people as well…always claim that the other side’s lies are way worse than their side’s lies?
  • Why do families whose kids  run and then pull a gun on a cop while being investigated for what turns out to be an admitted armed robbery…and then the kid gets shot…claim that it was murder and that the cops should have used a taser on him…then complain that “it was only a BB guy” when it looks exactly like a 9mm semi-automatic pistol? Don’t cops have a right to go home at the end of their shift?
  • Why can’t we have a presidential candidate…I would settle for one, just one…that’s worthy of the office. We’ve got a choice this year of a complete moron liar who doesn’t understand the constitution…and a complete moron liar who lies about everything…why tell the truth when a lie will do…and breaks the law but is given a pass.
  • Why do liberal always want the “rich” to “pay their fair share” when they’re already paying the vast majority of personal income tax dollars…especially when you could confiscate 100% of the wealth and income of the “rich” and still not have enough to pay for all the income redistribution programs they want to have?
  • Why do liberals not understand that communism doesn’t work…or that the utopia which is the end effect of what their economic and social demands will accomplish won’t work either?
  • Why do tea partiers not understand the constitution?
  • Why does the various news media always write headlines designed to foment unrest and riots, particularly in any situation where more than one race is involved? What happened to the days when the news reported what we used to call facts…instead of politically slanted editorials (on both sides) masquerading as facts?
  • Why do tea partiers not understand that we’ll never be able to kick out the 11 million (or however many it really is) illegal aliens (or undocumented immigrants as the liberals cal them) of the country. The government doesn’t have the staff, money, facilities…and more importantly the competence…to collect them and kick them out.
  • Why don’t tea partiers understand that we cannot force the Mexican government to pay for a wall on the border…or understand that it won’t keep people out anyway…or understand that the net immigration the past few years across the US/Mexican border has been to the south?
  • Why doesn’t anybody in our government understand that peace in the Middle East just ain’t gonna happen…those folks have been killing each other for thousands of years so what hope do they possibly have that we can affect that. Heck…they kill each other over religion over there…that went out with the Crusades for western civilization. Connie and Neil are Roman Catholics…but they know hundreds of Baptists, Methodists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, Muslims, and what have you…and I can reliably report that neither of them has ever, ever even considered killing them just because they’re Baptists, Methodists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, Muslims, or what have you.
  • Why doesn’t our current administration and the Russian government understand that they can’t declare a cease fire in a country where the majority of the fighting is being done by the government in that country and rebels against it?
  • What makes most reasonably normal people turn into absolute assholes when they get behind the wheel of their vehicle?
  • Why do most cars you see on the road display a complete lack of any blinker fluid…you know, the stuff that the turn signals need to operate?
  • Why do politicians insist on saying stupid things…don’t they realize that “We don’t have any information yet.” is a perfectly good answer. After the bombing over the weekend in New York City…the mayor said it was an intentional act but definitely not terrorism…and the governor said it was clearly terrorism but definitely not international terrorism. Then Monday morning the police released the name and a photo of the suspected bomber…and while I don’t want to cast any undue aspersions on any group he does have a Middle Eastern name…so I’m guessing that he’s pretty likely to be involved with some terrorist or organization with terrorist sympathies. Just sayin’. 

Sorry about that…I had to wrestle the keyboard back from Kara…she’s getting terribly unforgiving in her old age ya know. I had to go outside for a bit…ya know what bears gotta do in the woods…and she snuck in and picked up the keyboard while I wasn’t lookin’. Dadgum that woman…she’s always fomenting some sort of trouble.

On to interesting things found on the net this week.

Here’s a link to The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity a paper written by an Italian named Carlo M. Cupola…an economist who worked at Cal Berkley.

Meanwhile at


Ya know…size _does_ matter.


Ya don’t say.


So…not bottomless after all I guess.

So NotBottomless

Came in a little too hot on the landing.


And finally…we’ve come to a fork in the road.



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Arrived in Fort Myers

Well…we kept an eye on the storm formerly known as Invest 99-L and now known as Tropical Storm (and then Hurricane) Hermine and as Neil expected it would based on long observation of storms in the Gulf while he was growing up…it headed farther north and was due to make landfall Thursday afternoon up at the eastern end of the Florida panhandle. Our planned route was down 95 to Daytona Beach then South-Southwest through Orlando and then South on US-17 and FL-31 from just west of Orlando.

We got hitched up and were on the road by 0830 or so…no rain to speak of before we left and relatively little wind. We had considered as a storm evasion tactic that we might continue on down I-95 it the weather or traffic around Orlando was bad and head west at Fort Pierce. Weather looked fine and traffic was fine so we continued with our planned route. Turns out that if we had continued on southwards we would have been pretty near to Cape Canaveral just about the time the SpaceX rocket blew up…or as Elon Musk put it later…caught fire…although it sure looked like it blew up to us. Maybe it was just a really, really fast fire. Technically he was right…it was not an explosion as that results in more rapid oxidation of the ‘stuff that goes bang’ with wave fronts propagating at many, many thousands of feet per second. Looking at the video…it really was just a really energetic fire. The Falcon 9 uses liquid oxygen for the oxidizer and highly refined kerosene for the fuel. According to the reports we’ve seen the fire started in the region of the second stage oxygen tank. For those of you who don’t really know about liquid oxygen…literally anything will burn if you dump liquid oxygen on it…even a big lump of metal like an anvil that a blacksmith uses. Dump a gallon of LOX on one of those that has a couple of glowing charcoal briquets on it and in about 15 seconds the anvil…all 100 pounds or so of it…will be gone. You can find plenty of videos on the internet of things like anvils, picnic ground BBQ grills and other non flammable objects catching on fire with treated with LOX. Neil can tell you stories about pictures he’s seen of oxygen files on submarines…and it ain’t pretty. Anyway…what most likely happened was that there was some sort of leakage from the oxygen tank while filling it…that was in progress when the problem happened. Leakage would have started a fire in the rocket’s structure that would spread rapidly…like in milliseconds. Wouldn’t take long for the fuel tank to be breached and then the whole thing goes up. Neil’s guess is that in the video the actual fire started about 2 seconds or so before the flame eruption and spent the intervening 2 seconds eating into the fuel tank. Once you see the actual fire on the video…it’s clearly a petroleum product fire as evidenced by the orange flames. Anyway…technically it wasn’t an explosion as that would happen much faster than what you see on the video. Back in the day…Neil was intimately involved in several…well, let’s just call them explosive projects. When you look at the video of actual explosion…the video is usually at 25,000 or 50,000 frames per second instead of the normal 32 or 40 frames per second that TV, movies, and internet video uses…and when you’re looking at those high speed videos the explosion wave typically travels 100 yards in a half dozen frames of video. Looking at the video of the SpaceX incident…it’s clear that the wave is traveling more on the order of 200 feet in a half dozen frames of video that’s running 800 times faster. So…technically Musk is right despite what it looks like although I’m sure that most non-techies would call it at explosion.

Anyways…enough about that.

We ran into a little traffic going through Orlando…maybe 10 miles of construction barrels although we still were rolling along at 40…and maybe another 10 miles of sort of traffic but again we were still rolling along at 40-50. We briefly considered…when we were in the Orlando area…continuing on down I-4 to I-75 which was the GPS recommended route…but looking at the weather there were rain bands rolling into the Tampa area from Hermine and it looked like we would be better off taking 17/31 as we originally planned. So…we did…and ran into maybe 20 minutes total of rain before we got far enough south for it to stop…some of it was pretty heavy but we were still doing 40 or so down the 4 lane portion of US-17 during the rain and by the time we got to the 2 lane portions the weather had cleared enough where it was no longer raining as we had gotten enough south. 

We rolled into Seminole about 1530…quickly checked in at the office and parked in our usual site 101. Really hot though. We did utilities and then had some frozen lasagna for dinner. Friday Neil did most of our winter setup…we’re going to be here for at least 7 weeks before our potential run up to Cedar Key for 10 days…and then we hit the Elks for fried fish dinner in the evening.

Saturday we watched Alabama…you know, the defending national champs…just trash USC 52-6. The commentators went on and on about Alabama’s lack of a quarterback and how they were starting a ‘rookie’…along with graphics showing how the last 4 rookie QBs for the Tide had performed in their first year…3 championships and one loss in the semifinals. The Tide’s defense was a typical suffocating ‘Bama defense holding USC to 6 points. The offense took a little longer to gell and nothing really happened until they pulled the starting QB at the beginning of the 2nd quarter and put in a true freshman named Jalen Hurts. This kid is looking pretty good…made a couple of freshman mistakes…but ended up with 2 long touchdown passes and 2 running touchdowns…between the beginning of the 2nd and midway into the 4th Bama hung 52 on them. They looked scary good…the D was in mid season form.

Nothing new beyond that…I’ll have another report later.

Interesting things found on the net this week.

It’s a rough neighborhood when your shopping cart is up on blocks.


And store clerks really need to give clear instructions



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Morning Rush Hour and Dodging Storms

Well…as I predicted in my last post…we pretty much done nuttin’ since our arrival here at Pelican Roost RV Park on Naval Station Mayport FL.

We’re situated right at the mouth of the St. John’s river looking north towards the river…the Atlantic is visible off to the right and the channel splits just before the RV park with the left side heading into the Navy basin here at the base and the right side heading in towards the port of Jacksonville.

We’ve been watching the weather closely this year…we’re here earlier than usual and it’s still hurricane season down here in the southeast…in particular we’ve been watching what used to be called Invest 99-L and was upgraded to Tropical Depression Nine this morning. Tropical Depression 8 is up the coast off of NC and is turning eastward toward the open ocean without making landfall and Hurricane Gaston is well east and north of Bermuda heading northeast into the Atlantic…neither of those are a concern.

Tropical Depression Nine on the other hand…we’re keeping an eye on. That’s the one that dithered around  down in the islands for  what seemed like days and finally headed west between Florida and Cuba, passing about 60 miles south of Key West into the Gulf of Mexico. As of this morning it’s forecast to remain a Tropical Depression at least through tomorrow with winds of 35 knots as it continues northwest into the Gulf. Sometime Tuesday or Wednesday it’s forecast to turn back towards the northeast and then by Thursday morning when we’re due to leave here it will still be off the coast near Cedar Key with a track northeast. Landfall will be Thursday afternoon at Cedar Key and it will continue northeast through the Jacksonville area sometime Friday morning.

So…assuming it doesn’t speed up or turn farther to the east then we’ll be just fine…with us on the road by about 0800 or so Thursday morning we should see a little of the early cloud cover at worst and mostly we’ll drive out of it’s path as we continue another 320 or so miles south to Fort Myers. Fort Myers itself will be unaffected unless it turns to east instead of northeast and even then it would need to turn today and the winds make that highly unlikely. It’s a really unorganized storm so far…all of the cloud cover, wind and rain is to the southwest of the center of rotation…and although the weather guessers seem pretty sure of the path they’re all over the map on intensity. Fleet average of the models indicate a Tropical Storm near hurricane strength (70 mph wind) at landfall but we should be well clear. We’ll continue to monitor and if necessary we’ll just leave a day early on Wednesday to make sure we’re out of Dodge before it happens…we prefer not to travel in rainy conditions unless we have to.

We were up with our coffee around 0800 this morning and decided to sit outside and watch the Monday Morning rush hour…we figured that we would see several of the ships in the Navvy basin head out for weekly operations…these days the non-deployed ships tend to do that a lot and then come back in on Friday…the Navy keeps track of both time in port and time in homeport these days and to keep the time in homeport average to 50% ships tend to do a lot of M-F at sea periods.

Lo and behold though…although there was rush hour it was all coming in vice going out. First up Neil spotted a submarine sail down by the breakwater and we got a nice view of a fast attack submarine as it headed into the basin…Neil’s says it’s a Virginia class. The fairing at the base of the front of the sail means it’s either Seawolf or Virginia class…and the lower fairing height, antenna configuration and overall length make it pretty obvious…to him anyway…that it’s not a Seawolf class. Things were so much simpler when they had the hull number painted on the sail.

D71 8383

D71 8386

The other guy coming in was identified as the Eurasian Highway…a Japanese flagged car carrier coming in…that’s gotta be one of the ugliest ships I’ve ever seen. The owners built it for efficiency in cargo carrying and fuel consumption though, not looks I know…but dang it’s ugly.

D71 8392

Other than that…we’re just hanging out. We wandered over to the beach Saturday for an hour or so until we got too hot, made some homemade eggnog to age for the holidays, and try to sit outside on the veranda and watch the world go by every afternoon. It’s continued to be in the 90s with pretty high humidity most days…but it’s also been breezy and sitting in the shade it’s actually pretty pleasant outside. Not so much walking around in the sun…Neil walked over to get a haircut and some cash this morning after rush hour was over…and based on sitting there thought it would be ok to walk instead of drive around…he got back and concluded he was incorrect.

Interesting things on the net has been slim this week…these are all I found.

An Olympic one…Bolt crossing the finish line.


And no more monkey business…


Yeah…I know…those were both pretty lame but I can only do what I can do. There were several others that would have made the cut except I…mostly…try to keep this blog to G or PG.


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