Home again

Whew . . .got back yesterday afternoon after a long drive back. After an early breakfast and packing Connie and Neil (after a final quick ride over to the Wright Brothers Memorial) went down to the beach for a couple of hours…getting back to the room just in time to shower, finish packing, and make the checkout time. After a quick stop for gas and to was about 20 pounds of salt and sand off of the car windows we headed out. Stopped for lunch up by Norfolk and then through the Hampton tunnel and back home. Sunday afternoon on I-95 North was typical…lots of cars but fortunately only a couple of slowdowns until we got off down by Woodbridge and took the back way home. Unpacked the car, went to Mass at St. Leo’s and then hunted some dinner since Neil didn’t feel like starting to cook at 7PM. Sushi place…closed on Sundays. KFC…permanently closed. Outback…open and they picked up a couple of Caesar Salads and some wings. Added a couple of beers and voila; dinner was served. Settled down in the recliners and watched the football game then off to bed. Up early this morning; Neil unpacked and paid some bills while Connie went out for a walk. He’ll go for a run when she gets back I suppose and then some home cooked chicken something or other for dinner. They’re looking forward to the RV show later in the week; going up to Hershey for a day to investigate some rigs for their hopefully fulltiming decision but are planning on not staying overnite as it’s only a 200 mile drive or so. Neil hopes to get the pictures from the wildlife refuge up in the next day or so; along with a new header photo panorama for the blog that he took while at the beach.

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