Transit to Durango CO

We had a pretty easy transit today…got here early…and have really good internet so I decided to go ahead and put a quick post. We got up this morning, finished packing and hit the road shortly before 1000. After a quick stop at Fuelman, a truck fueling station about a half mile down the road we headed off and 164 miles later arrived here at Aspen Rose RV Park on the north side of Durango CO. I gotta tell you; coming across the Rockies along the UT/CO border wasn’t too bad going up; we hit some fairly decent grades on the way but just downshifted and kept the speed about 45 or so and got up. The descent down into the bowl in the mountains that contains Durango however…that’s a whole ‘nuther thing. It was steeper than the way up; maybe 7 or 8 percent grade and about 6 miles long with a drop off into the valley on the left side of the road most of the way down. Again, we just downshifted and used proven RV/heavy truck braking techniques to prevent overheating. The trick is to downshift at the top of the hill; in BAT’s case the computer does that automagically for you and then you don’t ride the brakes down. You start at the top going 45 or so and just let the speed gradually pick up until about 65. Then you brake (assuming traffic behind allows) pretty strongly to knock the speed back down to 45-50…and repeat the process all the way down. We used more fuel today than expected since the grades kept the engine RPM up when we were downshifted; the computer said we had 320 miles of fuel when we left and we came 165 miles so should have had about 150 or so miles of fuel left. Instead we’re down to 105; which means the grades cost us about 2 miles a gallon.

Anyway; here’s a couple of iPhone shots of the Rockies across the way…that’s the San Juan National Forest, Baldy Mountain and West mountain you can see. I’ve included a shot of our site G here at Aspen Rose…it’s a nice 50 amp pull through. We’re going to run down and have a beer in a bit after Connie finishes working and then either eat some bar food or pick up a pizza and bring it home to eat…depends on what looks interesting on the menu.

Connie especially likes the fact that Colorado has trees…they were few and far between in Utah but Colorado is a wetter climate so there are some forests.

IMG 1102

IMG 1101

IMG 1107


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