Back home

Another short post to keep everybody up tp date.

We departed Midlothian VA yesterday about 0615 from the hotel…turns out that the Midlothian Super 8 is…about the cheapest option in the area…the closest hotel to the human kids house…actually a pretty decent hotel..and has the most comfortable hotel bed we’ve slept on in quite awhile. It’s a winner.

We stopped by the Golden Arches and got coffee and a couple of breakfast sandwichs and then took Courthouse Road south to VA-288 East to I-95 south. We stopped twice for gas, once for for a pee break, and once where we had a lunch of leftover steak from Fireside Grill where we took the kids Saturday after loading the U-haul, and arrived 640 miles later in Starke FL about 50 miles down US-301 from Jacksonville.

Oh yeah…the loading…we met at the storage unit about 1030 on Saturday and loaded our stuff then Bryan’s stuff into the truck…it was full and we were done about noon. We didn’t have space for the dump run so Bryan called a friend who came over with his pickup and we loaded it with thr trash. Eight bucks for the dump and another 15 to buy Joe and Sarah lunch and our unit was done. We drove over to Meeting Gate Court, unloaded the kid’s stuff, and screwed off until dinner…when we went to the Fireside Grill for dinner.

Anyways…in Starke we stopped and picked up dinner from Pizza Hut, went to the Best Western, checked in, went to our room…and didn’t emerge until 0625 except for a trip to the ice machine for ice for cocktails.

We were early to bed, got up at the aforementioned 0625…well actually the alarm was 0530 but it was later when we got going…for coffee and breakfast at the hotel, and hit the road for the last 260 miles to home. It was an easy run…there was an overturned cement truck around the Tampa area on I-75 with a 17 mile backup… but fortunately it was in the northbound lanes and we were headed sough…so just a 15 minute or so delay due to rubberneckers. Once past that…clear driving and we got to Long Pond Road just before noon. We parked the U-haul in the drive, picked up Big Red, stopped at the Golden Arches for a cheeseburger, and headed 10 miles to the airport to pick up Li’l Red from long term parking.

We got back home, parked Big Red down at the clubhouse, spent an hour partially unloading the truck, and rested.

Our friend Jeff is coming over in the AM to help Neil unload the heavy stuff.

Neil made chicken thigh curry for dinner…and we will be in bed early tonight.


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