Quarantine Day 80

There was a day 79 post but I deleted it…even though it was factually correct I decided it might be a bit too much of a rant.

The quarantine down here is starting to break up…bars (which means the Elks Lodge for us) can reopen starting on Friday. We’ll likely start going out a bit but I think we’ll hold off on getting completely back to normal until we see if there is a spike in cases.

Let’s see…hmmm.

We finally got a haircut and Connie got her bangs trimmed on Tuesday and Wednesday…we really needed them. Also got a couple of items from Home Depot…picture hangers, some pegboard for the garage, and a new stopcock valve for the master suite toilet…it sounds like a foghorn every time you flush it. We also ordered a new pellet grill for the lanai…for those of you who aren’t familiar with these they’re a relatively recent take on the backyard grill. Whereas before you basically had a choice of propane or charcoal…with the former being much more convenient and the latter being much better tasting according to some but Neil’s never really been sure on that front. A pellet grill uses wood pellets for fuel out the size of cat litter pellets. There’s a screw feeder arrangement that feeds them into a burning chamber under the grill surface and you set the desired temperature and amount of smoke you desire on the control panel. They get hot enough to really give you a nice sear on your steak…and also low enough so you can use the smoke and low heat to make your traditional smoked meat BBQ. The pellets come in different flavors…we ordered mesquite based ones as well as an oak/apple mix.

The big news this week is obviously the death of Mr. Floyd up in Minneapolis and the ensuing riots…let me see if there’s anything else comment worthy in the headlines.

Nah, not really…corona and Floyd and cops murdering innocent protesters and it is all the President’s fault…so nothing new there. The only new news today is the release of the autopsy report on Mr. Floyd…which says he died of a heart attack brought on by fentanyl intoxication, heart disease, and methamphetamine use…and oh yeah, he was CoViD-19 positive as well although that was from a month ago and he was not symptomatic so apparently he had a mild case and recovered previously. Hard to see how the MN Attorney General gets second degree murder out of that…but we’ll see what happens if/when there is a trial. Naturally the “independent” autopsy found that Mr. Floyd was murdered…exactly what the guy who paid for the independent autopsy wanted it to find…and that doctor is (a) the host of an HBO show named “The Autopsy”, (b) a high profile investigator of high profile deaths, and (c) the same guy who found that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. Yeah…right.

The DoJ and the judge in the Flynn case are still arguing over the DoJ’s dismissal of the case…the judge thinks that he should be able to single handedly determine that Mr. Flynn committed perjury when he submitted his guilty plea, find him guilty of criminal contempt and keep him in jail. From my reading of the various facts in this case…and you have to really read articles that cover both sides and try to nugget out some real facts instead of the BS that both sides put out…sort of tell me that the FBI overstepped their grounds and got close to or across the line of being a legitimate investigation and that they got close to or across the line on entrapment. This…along with some threats to prosecute his family…convinced Mr. Flynn to plead guilty to a lesser charge…which happens all the time. Then when more evidence of malfeasance on the FBI’s part came out Mr. Flynn got new lawyers and withdrew his guilty plea…again this happens often. Then the DoJ…based on the loss of credibility of most of their original evidence…decided they could not win this case and wants to dismiss it.

The judge however…thinks differently. While he may be technically correct that Mr. Flynn lied under oath when he pled guilty…defendants plead guilty all the time even when there is significant evidence that they are not to get a lesser sentence or as part of a plea deal.

Me…I dunno, seems like if the prosecution and defense sides both want the case dropped then it’s not legal for the judge to determine that a “trial by a jury of his peers” is appropriate and substitute his and only his judgement to put the defendant in jail…especially when the “expert” the judge picked to help him published an op ed opposing the DoJ before he was appointed to help the judge…it doesn’t sound like unbiased to me.

I got no new photos so here are a few from the past.

Waterfall in the youper (upper peninsula) of MI…about 40 feet high.

DSC 7553 HDR

Osprey with lunch over our rig in Seminole.

DSC 1449

Harriet the eagle taking flight from the pond near the nest.

D71 0638

Lake Superior shoreline at the National Seashore there.

DSC 7757 HDR

The chicken sculpture about 20 feet tall that is one of the few tourist attractions in Chicken AK…a small town about halfway between Tok northeast of Fairbanks and the border of Canada…Chicken is where you stop overnight while you’re heading across the Top of the World Highway to Dawson City Yukon.

D71 6545

Sunset in Gulf Shores AL near Mobile where Neil grew up.

D71 0392 HDR

Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland

DSC 6421

OK…on to interesting things found on the net.

Sort of a ruff on the website on the web named Will It Blend?…which attempts to see if various things like cell phones or computers will blend into dust or clog the blender. Anyway…if you could blend all of the humans on earth so that they filled the smallest amount of space they can…





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