And The Hits Jus’ Keep On Coming

Yup…the WAMM (woke and media mob) is just keeping on with their demands, misleading headlines, tear it down mentality and such. But before we get to that…

Not much new going on around here. We got some groceries from Walmart…had a Sunday morning pickup and it was pretty easy. We got most of what we ordered with only about 3 out of stock things and a couple of substitutions…although why they thought that oranges would be a good substitute for grapefruit I dunno…but I guess they’re both citrus so mebbe that was it. Neil went on a couple bike rides, we grilled a lamb roast, did some laundry…and that’s pretty much about it. 

Oh yeah…Neil finished the garage and we can park the car in it but I think I mentioned that last time.

So last week we lost Aunt Jemima, the Cream of Wheat Chef and Uncle Ben’s…and Snap, Crackle, and Pop are on the chopping block…so let’s see what else is going on in the erase history movement.

Hmmm…the great grandson of Nancy Green says that erasing Aunt Jemima is erasing his family history and is wrong.

Eskimo Pies…yep, they’re gone too…I don’t think Inuit Pies has quite the same ring to it.

The University of Florida…ya know that team know as the Gators…they have…or at least they used to have…a cheer called the Gator Chomp where they put their arms out and moved them up and down in a parody of an alligator opening and closing his jaws while chanting “Gator Bait”. This has been deemed racist because according to those doing the deeming it recalls a time when black children were skinned alive and used for bait to catch alligators. A NY Times article from 2014 found that there was “evidence” that this happened but did not provide any in their article. which is a pretty reliable truth or lie research site on the internet…they concluded that despite widespread dissemination of representations of this from the 19th and 20th centuries that this does not mean that it actually happened and that no evidence of it was found in press reports of the time…and that while might have occasionally happened there is no evidence that it was widespread…but that it was both plausible and possible. So…maybe it happened and maybe it didn’t. Despite this lack of evidence…the Gator Chomp has been ruled and deemed as racist…despite the fact that it was invented by one of their football players during their first National Championship season in the mid 1990s…the player…who just happens to be black…said after an unexpected victory “If ya ain’t a Gator…you’re Gator Bait”.

Doesn’t seem all that racist to me.

Both of Mohammed Ali’s adult children say that he would not b a supporter of the current BLM…because he (a) thought that all lives mattered and (b) never met a person he didn’t want to be friends with. Sounds to me like he was a frustrated RVer…who as we all know don’t believe anybody is a stranger, they’re just friends he hasn’t met yet.

Morgan Freeman…yeah, I don’t think he’s a big fan of BLM either although I haven’t seen a quote from him on it. However…he is on record as being against Black History Month because he believes it is just part of American history.

I saw the following statistics on a page about the Civil Rights Act of 1964…and although we can read in the news how all Republicans are racists…ya wanna know how the vote on that bill went in Congress? In the House…final vote was 69% of Democrats in favor and 82% of Republicans…and in the Senate it was 61% Democrats and 80% Republicans…so just who’s the racist? You did know that it was the Democrats in the South after the war that invented the KKK…and that the Reconstruction efforts were led by Republicans…right? Go ahead and look those little tidbits up.

So in addition to the Confederate statues being destroyed…and Confederate Speakers of the House having their portraits removed from the Capitol…they’re also going after Teddy Roosevelt and Father Junípero Serra who founded the missions in CA back during the Spanish colonial days. They’re too racist apparently…along with Christopher Columbus, Andrew Jackson, and countless others who the WAMM has decided are evil. Me…I’m still wondering when they’re going to rename that tall statue on the Mall in our nation’s capital to the Obelisk of Wokeness…as well as rename the District itself…since both of the people who contributed to the name are racists as well if you want to get right down to facts…and Washington was even an actual traitor as opposed to the not actually traitors that the Confederates who seceded from the union can be argued to be.

You probably read on the news about the book that John Bolton wants to publish…and how the administration took him to court to prevent publication since he had not completed his required review by the Intelligence community and received written approval to publish his book.

See…it is supposed to work like this. If you have a clearance when you get debriefed you sign a statement agreeing not to divulge classified information to anybody else…and it notes the felony nature of this act and specifies the penalty. What the rules say is that if a person from the Intelligence community wants to write a book…he has to submit it *before anybody else sees it* to an office in the Intelligence community and receive written approval to publish…this usually entails several back and forth negotiations on the contents to verify that no classified info is in the document…but it is supposed to happen entirely between the author and the reviewer. Mr. Bolton…well he gave his book to both his publisher and his lawyer before doing any of this…and that is 100% illegal as (a) they don’t have a clearance, (b) they don’t have need to know even if they did have a clearance, (c) they don’t have proper classified material storage facilities, and (d) just because Mr. Bolton says there is no classified material in the document doesn’t make it true…he is not the person in which that determination resides. Now Mr. Bolton claims that he received oral approval…but the rules say it must be in writing and he’s not been able to produce either the letter or a reviewer who will admit he told Mr. Bolton it was OK orally.

So…Mr. Bolton is legally liable for a felony and in my opinion should not have been allowed to publish…but the judge decided that the cat was out of the bag as 10s of thousands of copies had already been distributed to booksellers that he the judge would just ignore the law and allow him to publish the book. He will still be liable to prosecution for violation of his agreement, providing classified material to unauthorized people, and for civil forfeiture of the entire proceeds from the book. 

But hey…he’s got an ax to grind against the President so his friends in the WAMM are perfectly ok with that.

Hmmm…oh yeah, SCOTUS. Chief Justice Roberts has set himself up for a no win situation later on. As you probably know…SCOTUS this week sent the whole DACA process back to the administration to try again because their changing of the rules was “arbitrary and capricious” since the administration tried to end DACA via regulation instead of Executive Order…which would have been upheld. One of the reasons that it was arbitrary was that the admin didn’t follow the requirement to have draft rules and get public comment before imposing them…but then again the Obama admin didn’t bother with those niceties when they set up the rules to allow DACA…but since he issued an Executive Order to do it it was perfectly legal.

Now I feel for the DACA folks…that’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals…and it essentially prevents deportation of illegal immigrants who were brought here by their parents when they were toddlers. These folks don’t know any life outside of the USA…and have little attachment to Mexico or Guatemala or wherever they came from south of the border…but the fact remains that  they are still illegal immigrants. Congress had refused for years to do anything about their not-of-their-making situation…so President Obama did what he thought was right.  Now President Trump wants to do what he thinks is right…and is being pilloried by the WAMM for it. Me…I don’t think kicking them out is the right answer…but then just giving them a free pass to citizenship isn’t the right answer…our Congress critters need to solve this problem but they’re too busy blaming the other side for everything to actually do their job.

It is the other SCOTUS decision that will put Justice Roberts in a bind in a couple of years. The case was about whether LBGTQ people could be discriminated against on the basis of their LBGTQness or whether that would be sex discrimination which is already illegal. The majority opinion said that it did and essentially equated LBGTQness with gender and hence discrimination was illegal.

There are two problems with this decision. First…it seems awfully close to the court performing a legislative function in making that determination and that really isn’t their job…interpreting the law is their job. Second…and this is what will cause the problem later…they’ve set themselves up for a case where they will have to determine whether Freedom of Religion or Right to Privacy takes precedence. I’m quite sure that there are only two genders…science tells us so and that there is no such thing as being able to change your gender. I don’t care a whit who you want to have sex with…if you like men that’s fine and if you like women that’s fine too no matter what your gender is. I also don’t care a whit if you want to dress up as a man in women’s clothes or vice versa…that just makes you a transvestite…or if you want to get your willy chopped off, get breast implants, grow your hear long and wear heels and makeup…just don’t tell me that doing all that makes you a woman or makes you a man if you go the other way. Frankly what clothes you wear and who you boink should remain in your personal purview.

However…religious organizations will still fire individuals who don’t meet the strictures of their faith…and inevitably that means that some LBGTQ person will get fired because LBGTQness is against the tenets of their faith. This means that the fired person will sue and eventually the case will get back to SCOTUS to decide which of those constitutionally guaranteed rights is paramount.

I can kinda see why Justice Roberts really wanted it to come out this way…after all his primary consideration after the law is the legacy of his Court…and if they had ruled for the right to discriminate against those people…or for the right of the administration to end DACA (which they actually said was absolutely within their rights but that they just didn’t do it the right way)…either of those outcomes would have been pounced on by the WAMM as proof that the court was just a bunch of Republican stooges…heck, they’ve already said that before but in an election year Justice Roberts just didn’t want that. But I can’t help but wonder if he really thought through the entire sequence of ‘what will happen now’ in his zeal not to make a politically unpopular decision in an election year.

You probably won’t see this on the evening news…in
Uniontown PA
…a black guy by the name of Daylan McLee rescued a cop from a burning patrol car after an accident in front of the apartment. He’s a guy with dreads and visible tattoos on his body and has had some run ins with the cops in the past…some of them his fault and some maybe not so much…but he said that he won’t let the actions of a few allow him to blame all police…so he did the right thing and saved the cop’s life as the cruiser burned. He has several ongoing lawsuits against those who he says have wronged him in the past…and his lawyer naturally claims it is all based on racism…but here’s a guy who did the right thing anyway.

Good on’ya Daylan…

One final example of race baiting clickbait headlines before we move on for today.

…would take you to an article with the headline “Video shows Florida officer immediately draw gun on woman, aim at her for over 4 minutes” and if you read it a bit you’ll see that the woman in the article…they make sure to specify that she’s a black woman and a white cop…well she says “I feel like something needs to happen to the Tampa PD officer who held that gun on me for four minutes. The Tampa PD, they are bullies, and the way they treat people is bad.”. 

But read a little further and you’ll see that she ‘borrowed’ the car from a friend…and that it was a rental car…and that it had been reported stolen by Hertz so the officer performed a felony stop of the vehicle. Noting that there were 2 people in the vehicle and that he was a single cop…he stood behind his car door and 100% in accordance with policy drew his weapon to cover the occupants, directed them to make their hands visible and to remain in the car, and called for backup. Some 4 minutes later, backup arrived, he put his weapon away and the women occupants were taken into custody. After investigation…it was determined that the occupants did not steal the car and they were released and the car impounded…when they could have been booked and taken to jail on auto theft charges…but the cops did the right thing, exonerated the women, and released them.

Me…I think they need better friends…what did they expect when they were driving a stolen car? The Tampa police chief has reviewed both the body cam video and the women’s dash cam video and determined that nothing improper was done…and according to the police the women were happy with the explanation they were given for both the stop and the detaining when they were released.

But now…she wants to have some butthurt and blame the police for doing their job…and “something needs to happen to him”. I agree…he should be given a commendation for following procedure, doing his job, protecting himself and the citizens, and doing things the right way.

And finally…you’ve probably seen the case of the guy in Atlanta who was passed out drunk in the Wendy’s drive in and was eventually…after a fight with the police during which he took one of their tasers and fled…and while fleeing turned around and fired the taser at the cops before he was “murdered by being shot in the back by the police” according to the WAMM. So this fellow had several strikes against him…DUI, resisting arrest, fleeing, stealing a law enforcement weapon, and firing that weapon at the pursuing police.

Now I’m not saying the cops should or should not have shot the man…but I think that getting a conviction on the 11 counts including felony murder is going to be a long shot…in fact I think the DA deliberately overcharged him trying to scare him and his lawyer into pleading guilty to a lesser charge but that’s just me. However…remember what I told you a few posts back about the #1 goal a cop has when he goes to work today.

That goal is to be alive at the end of his tour to go home to his family.

Now consider the photo below…you’re the cop chasing this guy in the dark, you know he’s in possession of one of your weapons, and he is a fleeing felon.


Now if you’re that cop…your adrenaline is pumping, you know this fellow has a weapon…and he’s pointing/firing it at you…are you justified in fearing for your life of the life of others in which case shooting him is justified…or are you not justified? Remember…you’ve got a split second to make a decision.

Me…you can’t tell what that weapon is…and while he told you he had no weapon and you patted him down you weren’t arresting him at the time of the pat down so maybe you missed the gun in his pocket.

It’s a lot grayer of a situation than the WAMM would have you believe.

One image this time…a nice reflection shot of our pond on a calm day. I need to nag Neil…nag, nag, nag…to take Connie out early some morning and see if we can get some socially distant photos for here…there’s a little hiking nature area just a mile or so south.

D75 5993

Ok…on to interesting things found on the net.

Looks like the tiger printer is getting low on ink…or maybe it’s just a normal tiger, golden tiger, white tiger, and albino tiger in the same portrait.


Retirement unemployment.


This seems appropriate given the current wokeness outbreak.


Truth hurts sometimes.



And finally…this pretty much describes the weather this month so far in Fort Myers…and it will be like this through September or early October at least.



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