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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.

Salem Area Fun Stuff©

Ya know…this verbal diarrhea from the left over the recent violence in Charlottesville has just got to stop. The guy that drove into the crowd should be tried for Murder 1 and executed…like tomorrow. Setting his actions aside as they … Continue reading

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Transit to Salem OR and Fun Stuff©

I saw on the news yesterday the terrible situation in Charlottesville VA…the city recently renamed a city park from Robert E. Lee Park to something more politically correct/acceptable to the left and the removal of a statue of General Lee … Continue reading

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Canyonville OR Fun Stuff©

After our arrival on Thursday and trip to Elk Creek Falls on Friday we mostly vegetated for the weekend although we did have to modify our original Monday plan for Crater Lake National Park. There’s a fire on the west … Continue reading

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More PRC Fun Stuff© and Transit to OR

Or maybe I should call it the DPRC for Democratic People’s Republic of California…the socialist government here in the state is only outdone by the even more socialist city governments in Berkeley CA…and possibly Seattle and Portland as well. Saturday … Continue reading

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Northern PRC Fun Stuff

We headed off today for our first Fun Stuff© day in the PRC (Peoples Republic of California). The day’s destination was Dunsmuir CA to start off with a visit to Hedge Creek Falls…this entailed a hike of about 3/4 of … Continue reading

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Fun Stuff© ‘Round Reno NV and Transit to the PRC

Ya know…I been wonderin’ for a buncho years now jus’ what kinda bear I am. I’m sort of the color of a cinnamon grizzly but definitely don’t really look like a grizzly. I reviewed every known bear type and really … Continue reading

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Transit to Sparks NV

Just a quick post to let ya’ll know our progress. Tuesday morning we departed Salt Lake City and headed west on I-80…for our scheduled 230 mile trip to our overnight stop in Elko NV. Neil had some sort of stomach … Continue reading

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