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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.

Quarantine Day 64

Ok…something other than political stupidity in the news today…but there is just a slight political tie in. You’ve probably seen news reports about the President blaming the FBI for lying about him…while that may or may not be true…there is … Continue reading

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Quarantine Day 59…New Wildlife To Report

Well…not actually *new* wildlife, just a whole ‘nother side of the wildlife we already know about and have shown before. But ya’ll are gonna have to wait jus’ a bit for that. There are a few ongoing stories in the … Continue reading

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Quarantine Day 34

I gotta tellya…this whole quarantine thing pretty much sucks…we’re gettin’ pretty dadgum bored with da whole thing by this point…but hey; whatcha gonna do. So…since my last post 11 days back…well, we had Easter. Connie found a nice Mass on … Continue reading

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Quanantine Day 23

Well…part of that was self-imposed quarantine but whatever. Connie…I could borrow my brother’s term SWMBO for her but since she’s already the DLETC mebbe not…anyways she wanted me to tell you ‘bout the most excellent dinner variation Neil invented. We … Continue reading

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Let’s Try Something Different Today…Or…I’m Still Bored

Yeah…instead of looking for political stupidity in the headlines…I’m going to try and ignore all political stupidity and only look for your basic garden variety stupidity. Eagle news first…as I last reported a couple days ago…the second egg had not … Continue reading

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Eaglet Update

Alert…Alert…we interrupt your regularly scheduled posting to bring you and urgent update…wow…posts only 2 days apart which is sorta quick given our current dindunuffin status but we have news. As you know…our local eagles Harriet and M15 laid 2 eggs … Continue reading

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Like Sands Through The Hourglass

These are the days of our social isolation…at least that’s what the old soap opera introduction said. Yes…we’re officially bored. Not so bored that we’re going to go out and be amongst people…not that there’s anyplace to go anyway…but the … Continue reading

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