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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.

And Every Once In A While…Put A Bad Guy In Jail

Today’s title is shamelessly stolen/borrowed/appropriated/misappropriated/whatever from the opening credits of one of the law and order series we watch on TV…Lone Star Law. It’s a show featuring the Texas game wardens and as they say they like to protect wildlife … Continue reading

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We’re Still Here

…we just ain’t doin’ much at all. Headed out to the Elks a couple of times, had Date Night, cooked a bunch of good dinners…and hunkered down with the A/C on ‘cuz it’s Florida in the summer ya know. We … Continue reading

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Vacation Part IV

I continue to be amazed at the sheer idiocy one sees on the web in both articles, comments, political rants, opinion pieces and pretty much everything else you see about the recent SCOTUS decisions. It’s almost like none of them … Continue reading

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Vacation Part III

So…last time after leaving the Blue Springs Cavern we headed on to and arrived in Lexington then after checking, resting, and shower we headed 2 blocks down the road to the Sedona Taproom for dinner as I told ya then…with … Continue reading

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Vacation Part II

When last we left our intrepid travelers and their stirring story of adventure and Fun Stuff©…they had finished up with Indianapolis and were headed about 150 miles or so west to Vincennes. Vincennes sits right on US-50 and was planned … Continue reading

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Vacation Part I

Ya know…I am really getting tired of stupid people saying stupid things on the internet…there’s a petition currently online that has 850,000 people demanding that Justice Thomas be removed from the court…which is nuts because you don’t get to boot … Continue reading

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An Interesting Couple Of Weeks

Yep…interesting is about the right word I reckon. We’ve had a lot of SCOTUS decisions that deserve a little overview and then we were on vacation for a couple of weeks. First up…SCOTUS. You all know what they were…abortion, guns, … Continue reading

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Current Societal Issues

Ok, figgered it was ‘bout time to get back into the rest of my thoughts on current issues that society is all up in an uproar over. Before that though…a couple of odds ’n ends. Out in the Peoples Republic … Continue reading

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Update from Hurricane Central and Guest Post

I figured I should update you on the terrible outcome of our recent brush with inclement weather. When last we left our heroes…they were squarely in the path of and facing the wrath of the transgender storm whose deadname was … Continue reading

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Report From Hurricane Central

Well…I got basically nuttin’ today…so I figgered that after goin’ on 3 weeks since the last blatherings posted herein I owed ya sum’tin to read…so here it is. Alex and then some thoughts on the most pressing political and media … Continue reading

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