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2016 RAM 5500HD with Classy Chassis 5th Wheel Hauler Bed

Price $72,000

Screen Shot 2020 02 08 at 11 42 41 AM 

Are you ready to upgrade the tow vehicle for your 5th wheel. If so…this truck is for you. 2016 RAM 5500HD cab and chassis with custom build hauler bed by Classy Chassis.

This custom RAM 5500HD with hauler bed tows this heavy trailer like a dream…hills either up or down are simply a non-issue. The addition of the Cummins diesel and Aisin transmission, along with the true exhaust brake like a semi-tractor has…and with the higher weight of the truck compared to a pickup mean that you will feel safe in any situation you encounter on the road. While it looks large…in actual dimensions it is the same size as a 3500 series dually pickup truck and is easily park-able in most standard parking lot spaces. We towed and used it for our daily driver for 2 years of our 8 years on the road and it comes fully equipped for towing a large, heavy 5th wheel trailer in all road and weather conditions.

Interior comfort and ride are car like…which amazed us after our previous Ford pickup tow vehicle…you almost forget you’re driving a truck and not a car.

Custom paint job with Desert Tan Metallic lower panels match our New Horizons…which is available at a special package price as noted above and includes Tuson brake controller which can be configured to manage the available ABS brakes on the trailer as well as the Voyager monitoring system for the rear/side cameras on the trailer. 

  • 2016 RAM 5500HD Cab and Chassis Laramie Edition with all options except the built in nav system
  • RV Specific Garmin GPS included, allows input of length, width, and weight and it will route you around known height or weight limitations
  • 59,000 miles
  • Oil, filter, and fuel filter maintenance done Fall 2020
  • Cummins 6.7L I6 high capacity diesel
  • Full exhaust brake
  • 110 gallon fuel capacity including auxiliary tank, range approximately 700 miles towing with a comfortable safety margin
  • 9 gallon DEF capacity, approximately 4,500 miles
  • Aisin Heavy Duty Transmission with 4.88 rear axle ratio and 4WD
  • Class 5 bumper towing hitch with 2.5 inch receiver
  • LinkAir suspension on rear axle
  • TrailerSaver TSLB-2 air ride hitch with 3rd air bag installed, rated 7,500 pounds pin weight
  • Classy Chassis RV hauler bed with 60 gallon auxiliary fuel tank, bed tie down points, and 6 waterproof storage compartments, forward two compartments large enough for a Honda 3000 generator or a Honda 2000, 5 gallon gas can, and all necessary truck replacement fluids
  • Side steps to get into bed as well as the rear tailgate area
  • Full size spare tire mounted on the bed aft of the TrailerSaver hitch
  • Leather interior, Laramie trim package
  • Front tires replaced Mar 2018, approximately 23,000 miles on these; rear tires are original but still have plenty of tread life remaining…I estimate at least another 25,000 miles before they are even considered for replacement as rear tires on a dually truck do not wear much. Due to a strange RAM specification for front tire toe-in…it is recommended that the front tires be flipped every 15,000 miles to ensure equal wear. We were not aware of this recommendation originally, hence the only 23,000 mile lifetime on the original front tires. The current front tires have been flipped and I estimate they will lost at least another 25,000 miles before needing replacement.
  • Truck batteries replaced Nov 2020
  • Voyager camera system monitor and cable connections
  • Tuson brake controller installed


IMG 8146

IMG 3997

IMG 2040

The front compartment in this photo is seen open in the following image of a different 5500HD that was not loaded, hence the brown vice red color

IMG 4934

Front compartment approximately 30” long, 30” high, and 18” deep, you an also see the fold down steps for accessing the bed in this image


60 gallon aux fuel tank, TrailerSaverTSLB2 hitch, and truck spare tire along with work lights on the headache bar…storage compartments also include internal lights

IMG 0448

IMG 3691

IMG 3692

IMG 3693

IMG 3695

IMG 3699

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