It’s Been Awhile…

since we had some nice photos of things so I thought I would do a post and both have a few blasts from the past as well as some images Neil got in the past week or so.

Before that though…I need to provide a slightly more lengthy explanation of Alton Brown getting cancelled as I discussed in my previous post.

Apparently…it’s even worse than we thought…well, actually what the WAMM thought as I think that he just said the truth and that the WAMM is way too interested in cancelling things they don’t agree with.

So…I reported before that Mr. Brown had been cancelled because of anti-Semitism since he told a joke about the Holocaust…when in actually he did not say Holocaust but merely talked about concentration camps.

What his actual twitter sequence included was blame for both the left and the right after the election. He blamed the left for their hatred for anything they don’t agree with and for their cancellation of people who say or do things they don’t like…and he used a concentration camp analogy to illustrate that with an attempt at humor. Really…is asking whether the uniforms would have stripes or if plaid would be allowed…anti-Semitism? Doesn’t seem so to me…it’s a joke. The trouble with most people these days is that only politically correct humor is allowed unless it’s humor directed against a group that the WAMM and progressives don’t like in which case it’s just fine. Then he went on to blame the right for saying the the President has the right to contest the election results…although he really didn’t explain why it was evil for the President to do so but just fine for the Iowa Democratic congresswoman to contest things.

See…the thing is…every losing candidate has and should use whatever means are specified for the election to contest the results if he/she doesn’t like the outcome. That doesn’t mean the end of democracy or life as we know it…it just means that just as Mr. Gore and Ms. Abrams did in the past one complains and litigates and eventually it all works out.

Apparently though…and especially since he admitted that he usually voted Republican…and had admitted that as far back as 2012 when he was flogging a book…his outrageous conduct has resulted in the need for his cancellation…and as of today he’s still not returned to twitter or anything else on social media as far as I could figure out.

Get over it people.

Ok…so much for that…what’s going on here? Not much really…Christmas package are arriving although Connie and Neil had to carefully coordinate who answered the UPS/FedEx/Amazon guy to take the package so as to preserve as much secrecy in the process as we could…even to the point of asking the delivery guy (since our door is open almost all day this time of year)…what the first name of the addressee on the package is since some packages have vendor names on the outside. Amazon is OK…but some would give the secret away just by the name on the outside of the box.

Yeah…I know…first world problem.

We had our friends Gail and Frank over for munchies the other day…homemade eggnog and some scrumptious Pecan Pie Brownies. Trust me…google that name and get this recipe and you’ll never make any other brownies ever again. Gooey, chewy, and chocolatey…with nice sweet pecan pie filling and pecans on top. They’re best served either naked or with some whipped cream…ice cream really overdoes it since they’re so rich.

Neil’s doing duck breast for Christmas dinner and trying a new way of doing it…a combination of sous vide and crispy-ing it afterwards…I’ll let ya know how it works out later.

That’s it…let’s get some photos.

Female anhinga from a couple years back down at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

DSC 3271

Gold crowned night heron…this one was actually in the middle of downtown Austin TX on their riverwalk.

DSC 6277

Osprey with dinner…this was right outside our rig as we wintered in Seminole Campground a couple years back.

DSC 1447

Great Blue Herons up at Venice Rookery 2 years back…the second pair have all their mating plumage.

DSC 1480

DSC 1670  Version 2

Barred Owl with breakfast down at Corkscrew.

DSC 3188

Hummingbirds out in Fulton Missouri.

DSC 4746

DSC 4815 2

Atlantic puffin up in Alaska.

DSC 5792 2

Monarch butterflies over in Cedar Key FL at the Low Key Hideaway…which is apparently for sale again. Frank and Mo burned out (I guess) just like the previous owners did since you never get a day off in the hospitality business.

DSC 8168

Great Egret in mating plumage…up in northern FL or southern GA…can’t remember and I was too lazy to go and figure it out since Neil didn’t remember either.

D71 1311 2

Snowy egret…same place as above.

D71 1380 2

Black crowned night heron…ditto.

D71 1375 2

Red winged blackbird…out west someplace.

D71 2490 2

Prairie dog…or Varmint Kong for those who remember the movie Caddy Shack…out at Devil’s Tower National Monument.

D71 7640 2

These are out back of the lanai on the pond.

Great Blue Heron.

D75 6506

D75 6524


D75 6493

A couple of our resident turtles…yellow bellied slider on the left and Florida soft-shell on the right.

D75 6521

Interesting things found on the net.

Another completely useless math trick…the number e is like pi…an irrational number that’s important for a lot of math, science, and engineering things.


Christmas humor.







And finally…we been getting a lot of calls from these people lately so this seemed apropos.




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