Test Post — Mostly You Can Ignore This One

As the title says…this is just a testing post. Now that…hopefully…rather covid is starting to die down…and since Neil got his new laptop setup…and because I wanted to test the post by email feature of WordPress I am doing a test here.

Editor Note: Sending this via email again. It posted correctly the first time but I went in to it via MarsEdit and added some notes then saved it back to the blog. That made the post disappear from published, it went into Drafts but the image links were busted so I deleted it altogether and am resending via email to add in the notes.

Images did not post correctly…they appear to be half sized over what I had intended…I will figure out what happened and try it again hopefully.

If he’s carrying his laptop on a trip…he can use his normal MarsEdit program to compose posts with images and such…and can use Lightroom on the laptop to suck in images from our cameras and do post processing…so that part is easy and doesn’t need posting by email.

On the other hand…on some trips he might just have his iPad and not a laptop…which makes things a bit harder. I’m doing this post via laptop just to check out the features but will eventually do another test one from the iPad. That requires a more complex process to get the photos onto the iPad and backed up to external storage media. Once that’s done I’ll test using the Internet version of Lightroom to suck in and process the images. It’s not as fully featured as the Classic version of Lightroom…but it has the advantage that you can use it on an iPad. Once the images are processed…they get exported to the Camera Roll or the Files app on the iPad…not sure which will work better yet as I haven’t tried it…and then I can create an email, insert the post text and images, and send it off to be published.

You’re probably wondering why the long winded drivel above is in this post since it’s just a test…the reason is to have the opening text long enough so that the photos end up bing below the sidebar entries…if it’s not then the images extend into the sidebar and look crappy.


I think this is enough text so here are some test photos. Nothing really new, all of them were from a trip up to the Venice Rookery in early 2020…Neil recalls that we were masked up so probably March or so. I sucked them into Lightroom on the laptop and did some editing of the RAW files before exporting just to fully test how a normal post would be done.

Great Blue Heron

Great Egret with mating plumage

Black Crowned Night Heron

Great Egret Mating Plumage again

Red Wing Blackbird

Great Egret close up

Green Heron closeup, cropped from the image below…it got kinda noisy so I’ll have to fix that with some noise reduction for an actual post. Easy to do but I didn’t bother for testing purposes.

Original shot of the Green Heron

That’s it…sorry, no Interesting Stuff found on the net today.


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