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Test Post — Mostly You Can Ignore This One

As the title says…this is just a testing post. Now that…hopefully…rather covid is starting to die down…and since Neil got his new laptop setup…and because I wanted to test the post by email feature of WordPress I am doing a … Continue reading

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Privacy Policy Implementation

Sorry about this off topic post folks…but it’s the fault of the government of the European Union (EU). I realize that privacy is important…but the EU has determined that the privacy rights of their citizenry overrides the rights of the … Continue reading

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Last day in Fort Myers and Site Updates

It was a good last day here in Fort Myers although it was overcast and gloomy most of the day. Connie did some work in the morning while Neil worked on site maintenance. He reorganized the links on the right … Continue reading

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Domain update

Alert! Just wanted to update everybody that our blog is now available at the new and improved instead of Neil finally got around to registering the real domain and fixing the DNS so that it directs properly. He’s … Continue reading

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