Ya know…everybody talks about the good weather down here in Florida…but we got your hot, humid, sticky summers so it’s not all roses ya know. We do have nice winters…but in the summer we have thunderstorms and tropical storms and all but winter…and well spring and fall as well…are pretty darned nice mostly.

Hurricanes…yeah, we got ‘em. Tornadoes though…not so much.

At least until Tuesday…although it really wasn’t much as tornadoes go.

Up our way in North Fort Myers…we had pretty strong winds most of the morning…generally in the 30s but with gusts up to the high 40s range but they had most died down by early afternoon…and then we saw on the news that a tornado had touched down in South Fort Myers about 13 miles as the heron files South Southeast of our location. It was only an EF 1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale so it was the second smallest one that would get called a tornado instead of a whirlwind or whatever a tornado wannabe gets called. EF 0 is for winds from 40 to 72 and EF 1 is 73 to 112 so at 95 mph this one was just about in the center of the EF 1 range. It was on the ground for about 2 minutes, 50 yards wide, and had a path about a mile long so forward speed was 15 miles an hour heading North Northeast…if it had continued on a straight line it would have passed 4 or 5 mies east of us 20 or 30 minutes or so later but it dissipated. It was early in the morning about 0630 and at the time the winds were from the northeast before shining around to the southeast and then south by 1000 or so…I’m not sure why it headed northeast instead of southwest which was the prevailing wind direction at the time…at least up in our neighborhood. Total damage was less than $500K and with the exception of one car damaged by a falling palm tree and a single minor injury the damage was confined to patio furniture and pool/lanai screen enclosures.

Magnolia Landing had all the recycle and garbage cans blow over on their sides…Tuesday is our pickup day and they were all out from the night before. That meant that a lot of recycled beer cans, plastic bottles, and cardboard got scattered all over creation and those folks who had loose garbage in their cans instead of having it in bags had to pick up all that crap from the front yard…at least that part that wasn’t blown down the street. Our recycle bin fell over so Neil just brought it up to the garage door out of the wind and then when we heard the truck he ran out and pulled it across the other side of the cul-de-sac street we live on so the auto lift truck could dump it as he came back down the other side. Our garbage can was fine…partly because all of our garbage was in bags as it should be but mostly because Neil had tossed in a dozen busted hard drives he has collected over the years…and the extra 20 pounds or so for them all fell to the bottom of the can and lowered it’s center of gravity so it stayed upright most of the morning…although it did tip over late morning in the worst part of the wind so he just positioned it so the lid wouldn’t blow open and scatter stuff.

Then after that…it was 49 degrees over night into this morning…I dunno who ordered that temperature but whoever it was is just wrong. It aint’ s’posed to be like that here…any temperature that starts with 4 is definitely prohibited and mostly any one starting with 5 never happens either. Low temps are gradually going to warm up through the end of the year with highs also slowly warming to the mid 80s by late next week.

We got all of our Christmas decorating done this week…Neil and Connie had already put the wreath on the door and the lights on the bushes…one of our strings got cut somehow by the yard guys so he used our last spare strip to get back decorated…we’ll buy some more spares after Christmas when they’re on half price sale. Over last weekend we…well Connie mostly…Neil assembled the tree into it’s stand. We bought it last year and it’s got lights and some decorations permanently attached so his part took just a few minutes then she took over the remainder.

Connie tripped the other night and banged her head on the floor…it was still bleeding after the overnight (we thought it was stopped) so he took her down in the AM to the urgent care clinic and they put a staple in it…Neil said that if he knew they were gonna do that he coulda saved the trip since he’s got a staple gun out in the garage. It’s a small split up under her bangs from where she hit the floor…and she’s got some aches and pains from bouncing off the floor and…we think…the side of the freezer door in the fridge. She’s getting better though…and we’ll have to go get the staple removed next week sometime.

Connie has an extra choir rehearsal today and then a busy weekend…she’s singing at Midnight Mass Friday…which actually happens at 1600…Florida and old people ya know…and then at both 0800 and 1000 on Christmas morning. While she’s doing that…he will be baking the Pecan Pie Brownies we’re having for dessert. He’s got a whole chicken brining out in the fridge in the garage that he’s gonna spatchcock and grill on Christmas…we’ll have a baked winter squash to go along with it and whatever else they decide to make.

Nothing much else planned though.

He did get one shot out back this week…this Great Blue Heron which took off shortly after he got the shot. It was just sitting there and waiting to fly…he stood out ready to shoot for a bit and naturally it didn’t move…at least not until 2 seconds after the lanai screen door closed as he came in after giving up. Our local eagles Harriet and M15 are brooding a pair of eggs with expected hatchings on the 26th and 29th. 

Z72 1459

You probably saw where Senator Manchin put the kibosh on the Build Back Better plan over the weekend…he kept telling them it was too expensive and they were using budget gimmicks to hide the true cost and that creating a permanent welfare class wasn’t good for the country…but they ket pushing and browbeating and social media complaining and trying to force him to do it their way…until he finally just said basically “What part of No do you not understand?”. Most of his constituents are against the bill…75% by the poll we saw…and the man is a smart politician so that combined with his real concerns about the cost of the bill and the fact that the free money programs in it will never be cancelled no matter who is in charge in Congress and the White House make his opposition seem pretty normal.

We keep hearing these booms in the neighborhood…there is construction going on both east and west of us (further to the front and back of the community. Most of them are dull booms that are clearly explosions and the house rattles a bit. However…the ones the last couple of days have sounded more like a dumpster getting dragged across concrete than a boom but they still make the house rattle. We haven’t figured out what is different about them. 

Interesting things found on the net.

Ya know those nachos you get at the ball park or football stadium with the gooey melted cheese like substance on top of them? Well…although it’s not really cheese but just cheese like stuff…the chemical that makes it ooey-gooey and creamy is named  Sodium Citrate. Interestingly enough…here’s the formula for Sodium Citrate.







A few late but Thanksgiving related ones.

The Octo-Crab-Turrkey



Working around the clock


Ima really sure I don’t want any of this perfume.

Ass fragerances

Cats playing Spin the Bottle.


And finally…



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