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Transit to Virgin UT and Day Trip to Mukuntuweap

Saturday we got up early and by 0830 or so we were on the road for our 130 mile transit from Bryce Canyon City UT to Virgin UT…we headed back west on UT-12 through Red Canyon to US-89 then north … Continue reading

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Bryce Canyon South and Cedar Breaks National Monument

Sorry for the photo intensive post…but it covers several days (3 I think) of pretty active Fun Stuff©. It’s Thursday evening now and we’ll be doing chores tomorrow and moving Saturday so my next post will probably Sunday or Monday … Continue reading

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Bryce unCanyon Driving Tour and Day Trip to Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Hi, Kara again still filling in for Gunther. One of our readers thought I was a kitty…clearly they didn’t pay enough attention to the header picture at the top of the blog site…as you can see…I’m clearly and most definitely … Continue reading

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Upper Antelope Canyon and Transit to Bryce Canyon City UT

Hi Kara here…I’ve had to take over the blog from Gunther temporarily as he’s currently in the ICU. I dunno what happened…but the last intelligible words he said were “That woman did it to me again…dragging my skinny sea level … Continue reading

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Medical Update and Sad News to Report

Okay…and update on Connie’s retina separation first. As you know she had a bubble injected into her good (left) eye on Monday and we went back on Wednesday (May 4)…at this visit Dr Vyas told her that the bubble had … Continue reading

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Is This The Fastest Manmade Object Ever?

Hiya…Kara here. Since Gunther didn’t have much to say about our ongoing winter stop here in North Fort Myers I figgered I should try to edumacate ya’ll just a bit. Besides…I wuz bored. Let’s ponder the question of “What’s the … Continue reading

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Beaufort SC Area Apr 2015

  Beaufort, SC   Introducing a new content area on the blog…it’s known as Kara’s Take On…and will be her ruminations and ramblings on sights, hikes, eats and such at various areas as we travel around. It will be a … Continue reading

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Travel to Barnesville MN

Just a quick post after our travel day, about 250 miles and we are in site 3W at Wagner Park Campground in Barnesville MN right outside of Fargo ND. We have no wifi internet here so only have our Millenicom … Continue reading

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Transit to Durango CO

We had a pretty easy transit today…got here early…and have really good internet so I decided to go ahead and put a quick post. We got up this morning, finished packing and hit the road shortly before 1000. After a … Continue reading

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Mount St Helens Day Trip

Kara here; we’re going to talk volcanoes today. I’m taking over from Gunther ‘cuz when ya’ll need to be edumacated then he just ain’t up to it…we all know I’m the smart one in the family. Anyhoo; Wednesday we headed … Continue reading

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