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Come and Listen to my Story About a Man Named Jed

…except, well…his name ain’t Jed at all so I guess I need some better lyrics. You know the tune…it’s one of those catchy things from a TV show in the 60s… Come and listen to my story about a man … Continue reading

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It’s Official…Connie Is The NFL

Yep…and Ima not talkin’ ‘bout that football league thing that we don’t watch…for her the acronym means No Fun Laubenthal…although to be scrupulously fair Neil occasionally deserves the same thing so Ima not pickin’ on just her. Ya’see…she’s been griping … Continue reading

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Polar Bears

Yep…that’s the subject of today’s post…but before I get to that just a few of the idiotic, stupid, ridiculous, moronic, they’re on crack statements I found in the news the past 2 days. I’m not going to defend any of … Continue reading

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Couple o’ Critters For Ya

I dunno why but we’ve had a couple of critters show up out back at the pond in the past week or so…and Neil got a couple shots of them for ya. Nuttin’ all that exciting I s’pose but it … Continue reading

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