Tour of our Rental RV

One of our viewers asked for a couple of shots of the RV we are using for this trip. The adults are thinking seriously about becoming full time RVers but decided that before they sold the house they would have a test trip. Since you can’t rent a 5th wheel like they will purchase they ended up getting the largest class C RV they could rent which turned to be a 30 footer while the permanent one will be 35 feet.

Anyway, here are a couple of interior photos of the rental unit. The shots were taken in the travel mode where everything is pretty much stored away. When parked there is a lot more stuff piled on the table, towels hanging up by the cockpit and other more lived in details. They are really liking the lifestyle based on this test trip…they have found several drawbacks but all of them have been due to the small size of the rental; the 5th wheel would not have any of the drawbacks they’ve found except for the hills on the bike ride that Connie didn’t like much. On the other hand there are lots of really good things like the sunset over the lake, hiking and biking, and naps in the afternoon.

Kitchen Area


Living room and cockpit


The class C is kinda sparse for interior space even though it’s 30 feet. The 5th wheel we will actually buy is 35 feet but since it tows over the center of the bed of then pickup it is effectively 30 feet or the same length as the class C…but it has about 3 or 4 times the interior space and is arranged in a much more efficient layout.

In other news; we moved on from Buggs Island Lake and are at Pocahontas State Park in Richmond visiting their human kids. Tomorrow we move along to Lake Anna State Park until Tuesday when we head back home. All in all it’s been fun so far but Connie is looking forward to getting back home to sleep in her waterbed…the mattress in the RV is only slightly softer than a brick with a tea towel wrapped around it and she really hasn’t been sleeping too well.

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