Home Again

The adults wanted me to post a wrapup from the RV trip and catch our readers up with what’s happened in the meantime.

Our RV trip finished up at Lake Anna and we returned home on Oct 25. After cleaning and turning the RV in early on the 26th the adults drove up to Johnstown to get Neil’s Mazda back from the body shop after the deer encounter. Other than being a long day of driving that was pretty straightforward.

After carefully evaluating the RV lifestyle; Connie decided that it is the life for her. Neil already thought it was so they’ve decided to start down the road toward 5ver ownership. They have about 4 models in mind so it’s just a matter of evaluating the features and desirability of each one along with prices and deciding which will best meet their needs. Of course; there’s the household clean/store/sell/winnowing down process to go through as well but they’re looking at as an early estate sale.

Connie started her new part time position at Northern Virginia Community College on Oct 31. She will be working mostly virtually and will be responsible for coordinating student assignments to the various laboratories, hospitals and clinics for the practical portion of their education. So far she’s really liking it; her boss is somebody she’s known for years so she’s certain to fit into the academic environment just fine. That leaves Neil to manage most of the aforementioned clean/store/etc part but that’s just the way it goes.

Here are a couple of shots from their last two campgrounds at Pocahontas and Lake Anna State Parks.

Great Blue HeronLake Anna Fall Foliage

Lake Anna Fall Foliage

Butterfly at Lake Anna

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