Rainy Day in Elizaville, NY

We arrived here at Brook-N-Wood campground yesterday after an easy hookup in NJ and a relatively straightforward drive of about 120 miles. Joe and Vanessa, the campground owners, are super nice; Joe got us parked in site 12 in a single try and headed back to the office. We ended up pulling forward about 5 feet to make sure we had DirecTV satellite visibility, hooked up utilities and were done about 1600. Neil went on a run down to Buckwheat Road and back and they had some Parmesan Noodles mixed with leftover leftover chicken for dinner. By this morning it was about to rain so they went off for a nail manicurpor and refill, to buy some Diesel Exhaust Fluid for BAT, and get Neil a haircut. All was successful but the haircut, Manny’s Barber Shop closed 10 days ago after 61 years due to a rent increase. Neil went on another run, we had grilled ham and cheese for lunch, and are now sitting in the laundromat won a rainy afternoon doing laundry. Fun times abound  when you’re a full timer. I will make sure Neil gets a snapshot of our site when it stops raining.

Brook-N-Wood is a pretty nice park, we would stay here again. Tomorrow is the Saint Saens concert at the Bard Music Festival and Connie is working as we type on the rest o’ the plan. I have no idea yet what she will decide; but Neil picked out Italian Sausage for Dinner. Yummy.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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