Bumbling Along

Still not much new to report…Connie has put the kibosh on fun stuff until after the holidays since she has to wrap (well, actually Neil did that), mail, do Xmas cards, practice her solo for Midnight Mass, and work (since she can’t work between the 20th and Jan 3rd).

Our routine the past couple of days has been get up, drink coffee and read email/newspapers, then Connie works a bit while Neil goes on a bike ride or a run followed by a dip in the pool. Connie goes down to Pool Aerobics at 1PM then we chill out until dinner time.

Friday we stopped by the closest bar and grill named Hogbody’s…and discovered that not only do they have Guinness on tap but they also have pretty decent wings (they would have been really decent too if we had gotten hot instead of mild) and really decent ribs. So we had a couple of beers and wings/ribs for dinner then came home and watched the football game on TV.

Saturday we did about the same. Sunday we went to Mass and stopped by Walmart for some groceries on the way home so it was mid afternoon before we really got anything else going. Neil made a pan seared pork loin that had been marinated in coffee and chocolate and they had some cornbread stuffing with it. Pork stuffing would have been better…but cornbread is what he had to work with and he didn’t feel like potatoes again.

Today was more of the same although the park guys did come by and power wash our pad…we’re parked on gravel but have a concrete pad next to the parking area with picnic table and where we can sit out in our chairs. Our Xmas presents for each other are starting to dribble in pretty much one or two a day…we just have to be careful to only read the name in the To line and then give it to the appropriate adult for storage until they get wrapped.

Neil’s making a steak on the barby for dinner…and thinks he’ll make some potatoes to go along with it as well as maybe a little salad. That and the half bottle of Pinot Noir they have left over will make a great dinner.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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