Boo-boo day

Neil ended up with a  cut on his noggin today. He was outside working on an upgrade to our slide topper support and flagpole to add some retaining pins to the support and some short holding chains to keep the pins on it and the flagpole from getting lost and banged his head on the edge of the hitch. He’s got a split about an inch long in the skin up on top of his head…it isn’t deep enough to warrant stitches but did bleed a lot (scalp wounds are like that).

He’s surviving it though; we had leftover chicken and pasta for dinner and then headed off to the Elks. This is a different lodge than we were in before since we’re in Sarasota now.

Other than that; not much else new. Connie fought the internet all day trying to get some work done, Neil had a bike ride, we doctored Neil’s injury but it involves blood so I won’t post it, we ate, and we drank beers.

He also went by the local Lazy Boy dealer to see about getting Connie’s recliner fixed (the side broke). For now Neil gave her his recliner and he’s using the double wide instead. Getting hers fixed involves ordering parts by the local dealer which takes 5-6 weeks…then once the parts are in hand Neil will make an appointment wherever we happen to be and get the parts trans-shipped to the repairing dealer for installation. Pain in the butt but guess that’s one of the drawbacks of having no fixed physical address.

Not much else going on. Tomorrow we’re going to Myakka River State park for some hikes, bird watching and similar fun stuff.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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