Bike Ride and Dinner at Shrimp Shack

Man…what a gorgeous day it was today. It started a little overcast but by about 1000 or so had cleared up nicely and was up in the mid 70’s. After breakfast and bike ride/email/web browsing we headed off on a  bike ride. Connie found a nice paved trail named the Hugh F. Banyon Backcountry Trail (I realize there appears to be a discrepancy between paved and backcountry…but I didn’t name the trail). Anyway; we ended up riding about 12 miles, stopping for lunch halfway through for lunch of apple and granola bars. Here’s a shot of Connie heading out on the trail


And here’s a shot of us while we were stopped for lunch.


About a mile before we got back into the campground we saw this Great Egret


and an Osprey that was too far away to get a decent picture of sitting on the nest (we got a shot and it’s recognizable as an Osprey but that’s about it…Neil just had the pocket camera today).

We got back to the rig and had a nap in the sun for a couple of hours while we listened to podcasts. After that it was off to the Elks Lodge for a coupla beers and then we stopped by the Shrimp Shack and picked up an Oyster Po’boy for dinner…which we split with a wine cooler.

After that it was TV and bed…tomorrow we’re working and doing laundry as we’re almost out of underwear:-)


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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