Transit to Georgetown, Texas

Wow…what a day.

Things started off pretty well with leftover Orange Cinnamon muffins and coffee until we got ready to hit the road. On firing up BAT and the PressurePro tire pressure monitor one of our rig tires was at 99 pounds instead of the expected 120. We did a quick check and found no nail or anything causing a puncture so we just pumped it up and headed off. After thinking about it a bit…the affected tire was one that Neil put some air in last week before we left Gulf Shores. Our current thinking is that he didn’t tighten the sensor enough and the rough road yesterday vibrated it loose enough so the air leaked out. Anyway; it appeared to maintain pressure fine during today’s travels so we’ll keep an eye on it and see how it goes.

With the tire pumped up…we hit the road and the first 100 miles or so as we moved west through Louisiana on I-10 was pretty decent, it appeared that yesterday’s rough road issues were over.

They were…until we got to Texas.

I don’t know if everything is really bigger in Texas; but the road-suck, traffic-suck and butthead-driver-quotient are all winners in our book.

Rough road off and on…construction out the wazoo…idiots who cut from the left lane to the exit in the last 20 yards before the exit…we had them all today. We went over this one river just west of the LA/TX border…the bridge must have been 120 feet high and the only think keeping you from going over on the narrow two lane bridge was a concrete wall on the side about 18 inches high. Nick Russell Gypsy Journal fame would have been sniveling mightily at this bridge.

After 50 miles or so into Texas it got better…until we got to Houston and took the beltway around the north side…that’s when we ran into the butthead drivers. Once we finally got through Houston and onto US290 the road got better, the traffic thinned out and most of the jerks seemed to have gone somewhere else. After that it was smooth sailing except for the last 15 miles or so down Texas 95 which was curvy and pretty narrow.

We arrived here at East View RV Park and got settled into site 43. It was clearly going to rain soon so we hustled and got the utilities hooked up and everything else we had to get done today. By the time we were done it was sprinkling so we came inside. Neil went out for a run and naturally it turned into a thunderstorm so he turned around and only did 2 miles total.

When he came back in we found that our living room slide window was leaking again…luckily this time we caught it before it soaked the whole carpet but clearly we’re going to have to continue to put a tarp over that window until we get to Junction City in early May so it can be fixed.

Seems like almost everything that could have been a hassle today was. Yuk.

Dinner was pizza from Walmart…we added some leftover roasted garlic, baked it, and had some Malbec wine with it.

Tomorrow’s another day; we’ll figure out what to do next tomorrow.


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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