I Can Report the Actual Observance of Sunshine

Thank goodness; it was finally a decently warm day with some sunshine. Connie did a bunch of work in the morning while Neil paid some bills (hey, even though we live pretty much everywhere the normal day to day stuff keeps going on) and then went on a bike ride down to Georgetown and through the campus of Southwestern University. Connie had a braunschweiger sandwich (essentially liver pate; quite revolting stuff actually) while Neil had a hard boiled egg and a piece of cheese. After that we just lazed around in the afternoon although we did get out and take a few pictures around Eastview RV Ranch.

First up was the field behind the park which is full of Texas Bluebonnets; here is both a wide and close up view.



The flowers aren’t very big but are a pretty brilliant shade of Royal Blue. She also got a shot of the cows in the field on the other side of the park


and between the two of them were able to identify the large black birds they’ve been seeing (with the really strange songs) as Great Tailed Grackels. I’ll get Neil to get a picture of them to add later but the one Connie took with her iPhone was just a little black dot.

Neil got out and took a picture of our site 43 here at the park. This was taken with his iPhone using an app called ProHDR which takes those High Dynamic Range photos but instead of having to process them afterwards the iPhone app does all the work for you. He just needed to crop it to the right dimensions and do a slight bit of touchup in Aperture before posting.


These old people pulled in to the left of the rig this afternoon…we could tell right off that they’re the complainer type. They also showed a complete disregard of the hazards of cross contamination as they hooked up their sewer hose and fresh water hose at the same time…no gloves, no Clorox spray to sterilize the water spigot, touching sewer and fresh hose one after the other…yuk. We’ve noticed a lot of RVers have non-specific stomach complaints…after watching the way the vast majority of them hook up their utilities we can easily understand why…what with poop germs getting transferred from the sewer hose to their hands to the fresh water hose and then to food since none of them wash their hands afterwards it’s not surprising.

We practice good hygiene; the fresh water hose gets hooked up first and then the sewer hose…for which Neil wears gloves and Connie handles opening things and spraying with our outside hose. Afterwards; a little hand sanitizer from the bottle we keep out in the utility bay and then we wash our hands when we get back in. Unhooking is the opposite order; fresh water hose first and then the sewer hose. It ain’t rocket science but most people have no clue about cross contamination.

That’s about it for today; we’ve got a trip scheduled tomorrow; about 100 miles west to a place named Mason for an art festival then there’s a wildflower drive on the way back and a stop at Llano, Texas for the Open Fiddle Contest. No admission and we ought to hear some pretty good fiddle players. I’ll be sure to take some photos to put up.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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2 Responses to I Can Report the Actual Observance of Sunshine

  1. ron laubenthal says:

    howdy yall – glad ya got da hose-hookup-hygiene routine (hhhr) rite – clowrox everthang!!! amply demonstrates foresight, planning and execution – impressive… got a ? tho – liver? boiled egg ‘n cheese? wierd new diet? dey got dis thang out yonder in texas called bbq – yall git some…

    • Gunther says:

      Yeah, we’re going to have some of that too. Connie ate the liver; Neil had a boiled egg since I hate that liver sausage.

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