Transit to Denton TX and Not Much Else

We gotta give props to the Monument Cafe in Georgetown; the food was quite good and both the server and manager who came out to talk to us were extremely pleasant and friendly. We would go back there again anytime.

Tuesday morning we got up early and Neil went on a bike ride; then we dumped/flushed our tanks, finished up the remaining departure items and headed out. Neil stopped at the front of the campground to torque the wheel that got swapped out after our flat the other day while Connie went on ahead to buy gas for the car. We met up on the freeway and proceeded the 208 miles up to Denton where we’re parked in site 108 at the Destiny Dallas RV Resort. We barely squeezed into the site around a tree at the back inside corner of the pull through. Once parked; Connie cleaned and did the inside stuff while Neil did all the outside stuff; it was 92 degrees and humid and they were both wiped by the time they were done. So after a quick shower we headed off to the Texas Land and Cattle Steak House about 2 miles down the highway. Sat at the bar and had a couple of Shiner Bock drafts…never had one of these before but it’s a quite tasty darker ale. Along with it we had a couple of steaks then came home and pretty much zoned out for the evening.

Yesterday Connie worked pretty much all day; internet service is pretty dismal here (it’s Tengo Internet as a provider and they don’t get good reviews as a source). Afterwards we headed off to the Elks Lodge about 8 or so miles north. They were quite welcoming and gave us a free pitcher of beer since we were visitors. They only had light beer on draft though so we settled for it along with a couple of burgers and a second pitcher that we paid for. Not a bad dinner for 18 bucks.

After some hot, fresh baked cookies we headed off to bed and were awakened at 0330 or so by a tremendous downpour; it continued raining off and on until about 1100 when Neil went out for a run. It was windy but had stopped raining…but it’s still overcast and pretty much a yucky day. Connie’s working again and Neil is giving serious consideration to afternoon siesta.

Here’s a picture of our site…we had to put the tarp over our leaky window again since it was going to rain. Good thing we’re going to Junction City for warranty work soon; Connie is tired of looking like we’re homeless with a tarp over it. We’ve got no satellite visibility here; the tree at our right rear prevents the antenna from coming up and it would have to look directly through the tree to see them anyway…so we raised the bat wing antenna you can see above our door and are getting over the air TV. When we leave we have to come out of the site and then turn immediately right onto the road you can see; luckily there’s not much on the left so we can swing fairly wide and should be able to get around it just fine.


We might head off and do something later on this afternoon; it really depends on whether the weather clears up any or not. With the overcast and damp breeze is isn’t much of a day for being outside but if the sun puts in an appearance as scheduled (doubtful as it’s already 1400 and it shows no signs of it so far) Connie has a couple of ideas but given the slow internet connectivity here most likely we’ll just stay home. Dinner is going to be a ham steak we bought the other day and Neil is thinking of making a baked potato and onion slices dish with cheese; sort of like scalloped potatoes but with more onions and not as creamy. 


About Gunther

The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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2 Responses to Transit to Denton TX and Not Much Else

  1. ronlaubenthal says:

    hi g + k – glad ya made denton safe and sound… wunderin’ ’bout a shoelace + caulk for the leaky cracks… pack it in, slather it up… don’t know yer route, mite be a good idea to swing around
    West, TX (Plano?) – lotta damage from the explosion. anyway, hope yall are well and havin’ fun, keep in touch + have a beer (or three) for me…

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      We went right past West on the way here; it’s been on all the local news channels this week. I talked to a guy about the seal on the window and it’s got a built in seal and supposedly doesn’t need any caulking. Obviously it isn’t working correctly thoughluckily we’re stopping by the manufacturer early next month for some warranty work including the seal on that window. Don’t know if they just will replace the seal or remove the window and add caulking or both; but it’s on their list of things to fix.

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