Rally Wrapup and Travel Preparations

This has been a really fun week even though we were only able to spend a single day out and about while here in the Kerrville Area. Our trip here was to attend the New Horizons Owners Group (that’s N hog for those in the know)  which ran from last Monday through Friday. The rally was attended by 39 couples of which all but 3 already owned a New Horizons. Our friends Lyn and Ed from New Jersey were here and really loved both the workshops and especially the walk throughs of various rigs so they can make final determinations about what to order in their purchase next summer. The 36 rigs here were both new and old although the majority are Majestics which are the larger, more luxurious models…there were a dozen or so Summits and even one specialized 26 foot or so travel trailer type which was pretty nice as well.

Our friends made us feel very welcome from the beginning…Marny was over to welcome us almost as soon as we arrived and Tim and Carolyn the rally masters shortly thereafter. Social hours were held daily both before and after dinners.

There were workshops during the day; 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon with a nice lunch break in the middle. Neil gave a couple of them on technology for the RV lifestyle and we attended other workshops from backing up tips to gadgets to maintenance checklists.

We had a catered dinners Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday was a free day for doing other stuff and then more workshops and a closing pot luck on Friday. Neil made roasted garlic (7 heads worth) and a couple of loaves of French Bread as our contribution…it must have been a hit because it all disappeared pretty quickly.

Pro tip: The next time we do this Neil will drag the Breville oven out on the picnic table instead of baking the garlic inside the rig…we baked it Thursday evening after we went out to dinner with Lyn and Ed ad it took us 2 full days to get the garlic smell to dissipate.

Each evening after dinner (except Friday) we had a Great Places Show and Tell where couples brought pictures from their travels and talked about the Great Places they had been. Friday evening we had a White Elephant Gift Exchange with humorous gifts. When your number came up you could pick an wrapped present from the table or steal anything that had already been unwrapped…although each gift could only be stolen twice as the second thief got to keep it. Needless to say the wine and outdoor solar light decorations were quickly stolen twice (too bad, we wanted both of them) so we ended up with a chicken shaped egg poacher and a do rag kerchief to put over your head. Neil did his best to get somebody to steal it but alas, it came home with us.

We volunteered to be on the Rally Committee for the next rally which will be in September of 2014 at a location we an’t reveal yet…but suffice it to say that it fits into our winter 13-14 and spring/summer 14 plans perfectly location wise. It will only be a few hundred miles transit from where we will be spending our summer and will fit perfectly to make our transit either back to Fort Myers or to southern California if we change our mind and go there instead.

Neil finally got around to editing the last couple pictures we wanted to post from our visit to San Antonio the other day…they are both pictures of the memorial to the rising spirits of the Alamo Heros. First is the side view of the monument…you can’t get to the front to take a picture because of the trees; and second is the inscription on the rear of the base. Quite a cool statue although Neil did have to some judicious editing to remove the power line that was across the photo as well as the antenna on the building in the back that appeared to be growing out of it’s head. The front of the memorial is the rising spirit (it’s an old Indian/Texas tradition thing I guess) of the slain Patriots (that’s what they call them down here) during the Texas Revolutionary War (when they broke away from Mexico). The area was named Tejas back in those days which is the Mexican way to spell Texas.

Anywho; that’s about it for now. Today is tank dumping, camp breaking, Connie working, Neil doing computer stuff and all that typical jazz. We head out early tomorrow morning 400 miles to our overnight stop in Ardmore, OK and then another 380 miles on Tuesday to Junction City to Camp New Horizons for our warranty and upgrade work.

We really hope the internet is better there…Neil has some system updates and stuff he needs to do and service (although free) has been pretty lousy here in Buckhorn Lake RV Resort. Too many people using too little bandwidth is the issue.



Not real great photos I know…but sometimes you just an’t really get one any better. To orient you a bit; the Alamo itself is immediately behind where Neil was standing for the first photo about 30 yards or so…he was almost up against the wall of the Long Barracks which was the location of the last stand I talked about in the post the other day. The corner of the fortified area where we took the pictures the other day is off to the left and across the street behind the first photo and to the right towards the building you can see in the second photo.


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  1. Mj Trainor says:

    Amazing pics! Miss you guys, BabySis

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