Resting Up

I really don’t have much to report since our arrival Sunday and my post yesterday morning with our site picture…but I’ll go ahead and catch you up anyway.

The first thing I can report is that there isn’t’ any oxygen in the air in Colorado Springs. I knew we were getting pretty high in elevation but thought we were somewhere in the 4000+ foot range still lower in elevation than Denver. In actuality, Colorado Springs is at 6035 feet and the air here is really, really thin…especially when you’re not acclimatized yet. Yesterday Neil went on a bike ride…11 miles or so but discovered that a 300 yard long climb that went up 30 or 40 feet total was really steep in the thin air and caused much heavy breathing on the way up. Today running…he was even worse…by the time he got to the front of the campground he thought he had run 10 miles. Nonetheless…he continued and did about 3 miles but boy did it hurt.

After our early bedtime Sunday night; we got up yesterday and Connie worked in the morning while Neil caught up on some bills, paperwork and other administrivia. After that we did a serious cleaning on the house; Neil vacuumed the floor and carpets while Connie cleaned and then she Swiffered the floors. We had a steak and some fried ‘taters for dinner, a beer with it, and a coconut chocolate ice cream bar for dessert and went to bed.

Today we woke up and were starting to feel refreshed a little bit; although the thin air does make things take longer to do…hopefully that will pass in a couple of days.

Monday Connie went for her dental cleaning and discovered she needed a new crown…she has a cavity under one of her existing crowns…so she went back today and got the prep done while Neil had his dental cleaning. We also got her recliner repaired (the Lazyboy dealer in Sarasota forwarded the parts here), ran a couple of errands (including buying a couple of 5 gallon containers for spare diesel fuel in the back of BAT)

Tonight’s dinner was sautéed chicken with a sauce made from fresh mushrooms, onions, a can of Roasted Garlic Cream of Mushroom soup from Campbells and a little wine…the sauce was really good but unfortunately not as good as the one Neil made a week ago out of fresh roasted garlic. Now it’s a little TV for the evening…we got our DirectTV access shifted over to the West Coast channels for network broadcasts…and we’ll have some fresh baked cookies for dessert and then off to bed.

Tomorrow is going to be a rainy day…so Neil is going to go get the oil changed in the Mazda while Connie does a bit of work and then after that we’re looking forward to some fun stuff…Connie’s working out the schedule this evening.

Pikes Peak is really pretty cool looking…Neil will try to grab a picture tomorrow when he heads out to get the oil changed in the Mazda so you’ll have a little taste of the good views to come during our visit out west.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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