Travel Day to Fort Lewis WA

Well, at least the weather was nice today. We packed up and headed out around 1000 for our 160 mile trip from Leavenworth to Fort Lewis slightly south of Tacoma. Our route came across US-2 through the mountains…it was narrow, steep, curvy, full of patched potholes, and generally not a road one really wanted to be on. We got onto I-5 (thankfully south of the detour for the bridge that was damaged a month or so ago) and were in stop and go traffic for 45 miles until we got off at exit 120 for Joint Base Lewis-McChord which is the proper name of the base here. Ug. To say our travel day was lousy was an understatement.

After that we were prepared for a hard time parking; but to our surprise we’re in site 301 which is a beautiful pull through site right on the lake. Neil got some photos that I will post tomorrow.

We were really tired out so Neil went on a bike ride and then we had some pasta with chicken we cooked yesterday and garlic…topped with some cheese and it was pretty yummy.

We discovered that we have ongoing slide issues today…I’ll post more later once Neil talks to New Horizons and sees what the deal is…but we’re pretty unhappy campers with our slide operation right now; so I won’t blast anybody until we have a few more details and facts to go on. At least they move; so it’s not as bad as it could be.

On the bright side; the lake is about 20 steps from our driver’s side windows and we will be able to launch our kayak and paddle around this beautiful lake with ease. There is a restaurant about 5 miles away on the other side of the lake so we will likely paddle up there and back to have lunch one day…we’re here until July 8.

 We also got our new RV sign delivered from the artist who painted it today; it was waiting on us when we arrived. I’ll grab a photo of it as well and post tomorrow when I’m feeling more sociable…right now the slide issues and road issues have us pretty much bummed out. No worries though; we’ll sort them out and get things fixed and it’s not like they are major problems like slides not moving or them falling out; it’s just some operational issues with noises and some rubbing; hopefully the fix will be relatively easy.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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