Pretty Nice Day at Ranier View

Today was a pretty decent day…we got up early and headed off to Holy Disciple Parish for Mass then headed home to catch the end of the British Open (missed it) and the last 70 kilometers of the last stage of the Tour de France. It was a pretty decent race towards the end; the peleton all came back together and there was a big sprint to the finish. Connie’s guy came in second so she got lots of points in her fantasy bike team league. She also ended up with 3 guys in the top 10 overall and several other highly ranked guys in the various jersey categories so hopefully she’ll move up a couple of places.

Yesterday we ran out and got groceries from Walmart. Connie is going to work some tomorrow and maybe Tuesday we’ll find something fun to do…we’re getting awful bored with all of this sitting around the house.

We’ve also been working on our internet connectivity; we have an issue with our WiFi Ranger and it’s only intermittently working correctly and we’re working with the maker to try and figure out what the problem is.

Neil grabbed a couple of pictures of Mount Ranier yesterday while he was outside and Connie got one of the mountain with the moon in the evening twilight.

DSC 9178 79 80 tonemapped

DSC 9181 2 3 fused



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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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7 Responses to Pretty Nice Day at Ranier View

  1. Wow! Great photos of Mount Ranier! I’ve only been there once and seeing these photos makes me want to go back. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Gunther says:

      Thanks for the kind words; I wish I wasn’t stuck in the rig with a broke foot and could get some closeups of the mountain, waterfalls, glaciers, and other cool stuff. We’ll probably take a ride over there in a couple weeks after Connie gets back from Houston even if we can only see what we can drive up to.

  2. ronlaubenthal says:

    hi gang… nice hill in yer back yard there… really cool fotos, the one with the moon makes me wanna howl… how’s the foot? not too much pain i hope (i’m rememberin’ my toe) – imagine you’ve tried heat, ice, mebbe soaks, hope sumthin’ is givin a little relief, still prayin’ you can avoid the surgery… those hot/cold freezer packs work well on my neck, so mebbe git + try one ifn ya ain’t already done so – you is zackly right, no surgery is way better than surgery… gotta figure connie won’t be gone too terribly long, but if you need me, i’m there bro, just a phone call away… figger you’ll be ok, jus’ don’t want ya in no pickle – please be careful…

    guess you saw phil won… wish i could hit a 3 wood that good. later yall.

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      Actually it doesn’t hurt at all, just keeps getting numb if I don’t prop it up just right. She will be gone Tues to Sat and I will just make sure i have enough wine and toilet paper to last. There are a coke folks in the park who have offered to help while she is gone if I need any but I don’t anticipate anything being necessary.


      The three kinds of stress…nuclear, cooking and a&&hole. Jello is the key to the relationship.

  3. ronlaubenthal says:

    10-4 neil – jus’ keep all of us posted when you can…

  4. Mj Trainor says:

    Let us know about your x-ray!

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      Of course.


      The three kinds of stress…nuclear, cooking and a&&hole. Jello is the key to the relationship.

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