Good Medical News!

Good news today on the medical front. 

Yesterday we went on our planned trip down to the Mt. St. Helens National Volcano Memorial and there are pictures but Neil’s not done with them yet. I did want to go ahead and post after Connie’s D&C today.

We got up at 0330 to get there for her arrival time at 0515…turned out her surgery was scheduled for 0715. Neil camped out in the pretty nice waiting area and about 0830 or so Dr. Froelich came out and gave him the news. The procedure was done…and rather than being a thick endometrial lining like the ultrasound indicated there was essentially no thickening of the lining. There were two polyps which she told Neil were frequently misidentified via ultrasound as thick lining. Both of them were removed…and she said they appeared completely normal and she’s 99% sure that removing them will complete the needed treatment and that no hysterectomy will be necessary. Still have to wait on the pathology report and make sure that Dr. Froelich here and Dury down in Fort Myers concur…but things are looking up on her end.

Neil’s foot is continuing to improve…and he’s holding out hope that next Thursday he’ll be out of the boot but will get told not to hike extensively for a few more weeks.

With all that in mind…Neil will start working on detailed planning for our trip back east…he’s thinking we’ll likely go have a 2 day drive to Boise, ID…stay a day…another 2 day drive to Moab, UT and stay at Arches National Park (one of our original destinations before the broken foot thing) for a week. Then one day over to Denver for 4 or 5 days and then 2 days to Junction City for our warranty work starting Oct 6. From there it’s 3 or 4 days down to our scheduled stop in Cedar Key FL on Oct 25 but we’ll stop a couple of times on the way; assuming we leave Kansas on Oct 12 or so that’s gives us two weeks for a leisurely transit the remaining distance.

Yea! I think the end is in site.

Stand by for another science lesson in our next post…we learned a lot about the Mt. St. Helens eruption back in 1980 yesterday and Kara will be doin’ some more edumacation of you with the pictures we got.


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