Great Weekend in Graham

A great weekend in Graham with a couple of nice shots of the mountain. It’s been clear, low humidity and beautiful since mid day Friday and we’ve just hung out. Saturday we watched a couple of football games…although we really started watching them Thursday night with the NFL opener. Friday’s dinner was sautéed chicken with leftovers for Saturday night…Neil had some Montreal Chicken Roasted Garlic spice he used but it wasn’t that great of a combination…he thinks he’s going back to using his own spice combination.

Sunday we headed off to Mass and then ran by Walmart to pick up a few items we needed…that way we can make it until Thursday when we’ve over on the base anyway for Neil’s ortho appointment and the prices there are significantly less than off base. On the way home we stopped by the veggie stand and got a tomato and looked for corn…they were out of corn as they sold out yesterday but there was more coming. Neil ran back down there a mile about 1530 and got corn that was literally still on the stalks at 1000 this morning…we’re talking really, really fresh. On the way in he spotted that the mountain was really clear today so grabbed the camera and took a few shots on the way on. Today is almost the clearest day we’ve had as far as views of the mountain go.

We’re having grilled pork tenderloin with a rub of cocoa, allspice, and ground chipotle pepper, roasted potatoes in the oven and the corn which will get grilled as well. We’re going to try a new recipe for grilled corn today. We usually strip the silk out but leave the husks intact, soak them in water for a couple of hours and then roast/steam them for about a half hour total. We’ve been seeing lots of recipes that call for removing the husks, soaking for an hour and then grilling for 10 minutes or so total. We’re not sure that this will be any better but we’re going to give it a try and make sure that we don’t like it better. Connie will make our usual butter with lime juice, hot sauce, and chili powder to pout on the corn and we’re sure that will be good as well. Last time we tried a slightly different butter flavor combination with a  bit of maple syrup in addition to the usual suspects but decided we like our original recipe for the butter better anyway.

Tuesday we’re going to head off on another day trip; over to the coast at Aberdeen WA then south along the coast to the mouth of the Columbia River where the Lewis and Clark National Historic Site is located. Following that we’ll head inland along the river until we get back to I-5 then head north for home…if time permits and the afternoon weather is nice we will probably head back out to the Volcano Observatory and take some pictures not in the fog:-) If it’s too late and/or the weather isn’t cooperating then we’ll just come on home.

Here are two nice shots Neil got today on the beautifully crisp fall afternoon. I know you’re probably getting tired of seeing similar photos…but I’m doing the best I can since we’ve been stuck. Assuming Connie’s pathology report is fine this week then we’re planning on heading out on Wednesday Sep 18 and after a day stop in Boise ID will most likely spend a week at Moab UT to visit Arches and Canyonland National Parks and other southwest UT stuff like Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley. Then a few days in Denver before heading to Junction City for house work on Oct 6 then continuing on southwards towards Cedar Key and Fort Myers for the winter.

DSC 9706

DSC 9706  1


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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3 Responses to Great Weekend in Graham

  1. ronlaubenthal says:

    never get tired of the fotos – n’s talent with the camera/computer enhancement combo gets better every time yall post… glad the foot seems to be ok, hope c’s test results work out just as well… got boffayall on da P-list, can’t help but figger the GLA gonna keep his eye out fer ya… poo sez today (sun) is mj’s b-day – dunno fer sure, so i sent her an email anyway – if it is i aint late, if it aint i’s jus’ practicin’… told her to have a brew (or 55 or so) fer me… yall be good.

  2. Never get tired of seeing Rainier. She’s very photogenic!

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