Transit to Brigham City UT

Saturday morning we got up about 0630 and started getting ready to leave Boise. We had taken a shower and washed the dishes yesterday afternoon so on the way out to dinner (Neil declared it to be Date Nite) we dumped the black and gray tanks…no reason to carry all that extra weight up and down the grades. We were ready to roll and on the road about 0930.

There was a short (10 miles or so) section of freeway shortly after we started that was 1 lane each way (the other side was  getting some construction done on it…but it was a pretty easy run through there and then we headed on east and south on I-84. Traffic was pretty light most of the day and by the time we were into Utah the temp was up in the high 80’s. We pulled into Golden Spike RV about 1530 or so and got registered. Connie was having some tummy issues after lunch…we ended up eating pretty late (about 1400) and she was really hungry so ate too fast and ended up with terrible gas pains. As a result; she wasn’t paying as much attention to things as she should have…and inadvertently left the parking brake on the Mazda not engaged when she was helping Neil pull into the site. He saw the car rolling and yelled at her over the radio…but she didn’t understand him at first and by the time she figured it out it was too late. The car did a slow roll about 20 feet until it was stopped by the front tag and bumper hitting the step in rail on the side of the pickup 3 sites down. No harm done though…the owner Ron was pretty laid back about it so we moved on.

We ran up to the local deli/bakery and got a roast beef sammy to split for dinner and a couple of cream cheese brownies for breakfast tomorrow…then we watch the Alabama-Colorado State game. The Tide won 31-6 but didn’t really play that well offensively and it was only 17-7 into the middle of the fourth quarter. They scored a couple of late TDs to put the game away but it was a lot closer game than the score indicated.

Tomorrow it’s Mass early then we’re off another 286 miles to Moab where we’ll be at the Moab Valley RV Resort for a week…looking forward to some great hiking, photos and all that fun stuff.

There are some really nice mountains out to the east of where we are here in Brigham City…I’ll try to remember to get a photo tomorrow and add it to tomorrow’s post…we’re sort of in a large valley area with the Wasatch Mountains on the east side and a large flat plain which has Great Salt Lake on it as well as most of the major cities in Utah.

Here’s a shot of our site 44 at Golden Spike; a nice little park right off the freeway.

IMG 1067


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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