And the Results Are In…

Thanks for all the comments about the question in our last post; the results are in and for some reason 66% of you want to see the ordinary and mundane stuff as well…although several readers said don’t kill ourselves posting daily. Daily isn’t much of an option here in Seminole for the winter…I try to post 4 to 5 times a week during the spring/summer/fall travel season but I’m thinking that twice a week is probably about right when parked for the winter. I will post bird pics and other Fun Stuff pics when they happen; as a matter of fact we’re planning (if it don’t rain) on heading out to Shark Valley in the ‘Glades on Friday or Saturday to see what’s available to see. It might be a little thin on bird population since the water is probably still pretty high out there. We’ll at least see some gators but aren’t sure how many birds we’ll see this early in the winter season.

We had a slow Veterans Day…after the weekend’s convincing victory by Alabama over LSU we just sat around in the zero gravity recliners all day…didn’t do much at all. Tuesday Connie was supposed to go to choir practice but the lady never called her back…they finally connected on Wednesday and she’ll be heading down to St. Therese for practice on Tuesday afternoons at least until after Christmas.

Anyway…we’ve been getting used to our new iPhone 5s’s and iPad Air’s…both are so much faster than our three year old ones that we’re really liking the additional speed and capabilities We were planning on upgrading both of them this month or next anyway…but with Target offering a 200 dollar store credit for each of our iPads that are worth 70 bucks or so from ebay or we jumped on that. Our old iPhone 4’s are going to for 70something each as well; and we’ll just use the Target gift cards at the Super Target grocery the next couple of weeks instead of heading out to Walmart.

We’ve also been getting packages from Amazon just like it was Christmas…lots of stuff we’ve had on our list to get over the past couple of months so we’re ordering it all this month. We have an Amazon Prime membership which gives us free 2nd day shipping for almost all items so ordering it from them and having it delivered to our door is even easier than running down to the Home Depot and getting it ourselves. Nothing too exciting…a grease gun, more bungee cords, RV cleaning and preservation supplies, water filter cartridges…we’re really going deep into the want book on these purchases I gotta tell you.

Today we spent all day cleaning the house. Normally it only takes us an hour or so to clean the counters, dust, and vacuum/swiffer the floor…but with the summer of travel done we did a good deep cleaning to get all the dust out of the hard to reach places. Started about 1000 or so and didn’t get done until after 1500…and we wuz tired afterwards. Still gotta put the new lights up underneath the house tomorrow…and then wash the house, BAT, and car but we’ll spread all of that over several days.

We were going to make spaghetti sauce for dinner…but Connie didn’t feel too well and Neil was lazy so we just had breakfast for dinner instead…hash made of onions, ‘taters, red bell peppers, and Italian sausage with some fried eggs and cheese tossed on top. Add some Habanero Hot Sauce and it was mighty tasty. Don’t know if I told ya’ll about this Habanero Hot Sauce or not; one of the Low Key Hideaway regulars named Jason gave us a bottle the other week when we were there. It’s not really any hotter than Tabasco but has a lot more flavor…so it tastes like more than just hot. We were eating it on some chicken and grilled oysters at the Low Key Hideaway…I complimented Jason on his taste in hot sauce and he insisted that Neil take the bottle. We bought him a beer at the Tiki Bar and called it an even trade.

Connie’s off to get her hair, nails, and toes done tomorrow…lots of sandal weather down here so having nicely painted toes makes her happy…and when she’s happy the rest of us are happy.

The Tide’s playing Mississippi State this week…they’ll have to be careful not to have a letdown after the big victory last weekend…but I’m guessing that Nick Saban won’t be letting that happen. Glad to see that this year’s team is finally rounding into the typical Alabama squad…play great defense and control the line of scrimmage and just run, run, run the ball until you break the other team.

That’s about it for today…I’ll try to remember to get Neil to carry a camera when he heads out on a bike ride tomorrow…he almost always sees some herons and hawks on his bike ride through the countryside and having some pictures would be great. In the meantime…here are a couple of shots of some of the locals…a mature female Anhinga and a ’gator although these were taken in January before we left for the summer.

DSC 3271

DSC 3249


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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2 Responses to And the Results Are In…

  1. Stu says:

    Veterans Day… not Memorial Day

    less, but quality is preferable over quantity


    • Gunther says:

      Thanks for the catch…I’ve updated the post. I actually gave some serious consideration to only posting during the winter when we had an adventure or photos…but then I would end up posting only every week or longer and didn’t think that would really work very well. So I’m going to try and keep it interesting…but it will definitely be a slower posting pace than during traveling periods.

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