Last Day in Jax

We had a pretty decent couple of days over the weekend. After my last post on Thursday we had a few jobs for Friday…Connie worked in the morning and Neil handled some computer stuff. Following that and lunch we headed over to the beach about 1/4 mile east and then walked aways down the beach and back. Probably 2 miles almost total…but it was a bit windy coming back.

Saturday was beautiful…warm, light breezes, and sunny…so we sat outside in the afternoon and watched the world go by…this included a couple of large merchant ships that headed on upriver to the civilian port but not any warships pulling into the Naval Station.

Sunday we again walked over to the chapel for Mass and in the afternoon again sat outside. Our patience was rewarded as CG99, the USS Farragut got underway late in the afternoon…we were surprised that they would leave yesterday rather than this morning but maybe they saw the forecast for high winds today and decided to leave early. Neil thinks that’s unlikely as they would have folks on liberty and no easy way to recall them. 

Overnight the wind kicked up to 25-30 knots…it’s blowing pretty good here right now. Connie got up and lowered our bat wing TV antenna and the satellite dish about 0300 then we went back to bed until around 0600. After coffee and once it was past 0800 we headed down to the laundry…which amazingly enough is free here…and discovered that the water was off from 0800-1000. We loaded the washers, left a note that we would be back, and Neil went back about 1000, found out the valve replacement was on hold while public services regrouped, and started the wash. After that he was off to fill BAT up with fuel and he’ll spend the rest of this morning finishing up the laundry while Connie works.

We did get a few pictures on Saturday. First up…a pano view of about 160 degrees looking directly North towards the St. Johns River. The Naval Station docking basin is just out of the frame to the left, the water in the distant middle is the Atlantic and looking over top of Connie is the way to the beach.


There was also a pair of Ospreys fishing in the canal right next to us…we got a couple of nice shots of them hovering, hunting, and repositioning for the next pass.

DSC 3387

DSC 3388

DSC 3386

DSC 3364

DSC 3363

DSC 3380

We’ll do some putting away this afternoon and will be out of here tomorrow morning for our 250 mile drive up toe Charleston SC where we plan to stay at the Air Force Base Campground. They don’t take reservations so we have a backup plan at the KOA if it becomes necessary.

Don’t have anything really planned for the rest of today…Connie’s working and with the laundry and getting ready to travel we will be productively busy.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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