Hanging Out in Northern VA

Well, I gotta admit we haven’t done much since our arrival here in Centerville VA. After our second travel day from Selma NC to Centerville VA on Saturday…we got parked and setup in site 124 here at Bull Run Regional Park. Sunday we had dinner with some old work buddies of Neil’s and hashed out all the problems of the DoD over beer and Mexican food at Uncle Julio’s Mexican Cafe.

Monday Connie worked all day and it was raining so Neil just stayed home. Wednesday was errand day…we visited Cassaday and Company and met with our financial advisor Nick, picked up some stuff we needed and that was about it. Thursday was a nice day so while Connie was off getting hair and nails done Neil went on a bike ride. Tomorrow we’re heading into downtown DC to pick up some Euros and British Pounds for our upcoming Ireland/Northern Ireland trip…we’ll get more cash when we get to each country from ATMs but didn’t want to hit the ground with no cash money at all.

Saturday we’re off to Philadelphia for a Saint Saëns concert with our return on Sunday afternoon…then Monday we’re off to Midlothian to see Bryan for a couple of weeks. He’s got lots of packages we ordered as well as some mail for us to pickup…and has offered to let us be his college students and let us do laundry…score!!

Here’s a shot of our site #124. It’s a little uneven but we got leveled so life is good. No satellite TV though…the trees are in the way and even though the satellite controller says we have visibility the DirectTV receiver says we have no satellites. We up the the batwing antenna but don’t have real good signals on it either as we are pretty far out from the antennas being in the western suburbs…so our channel selection is limited but we’re handling that fine.


Along the interwebs this week Neil found a couple of pictures he thought ya’ll might enjoy. First up is some fireman who have jury rigged something that just clearly isn’t going to work…I can guarantee that the train wheels won’t roll up and over the hose they have crossing the tracks.


He also found this picture of an owl…it’s hard to tell whether the owl is actually the same color as the tree or whether somebody photoshopped it. Heck, it’s actually hard to determine that it’s actually an owl and not just some sort of projection on the tree. He’s looked at it several times and can’t make up his mind whether it’s real or not.

There are a couple of owls that are primarily gray in color…but nope that are this specific shade and pattern…and you can’t see either eyes or ears…so he’s really not sure either way. What do you think?

Owl Optical Illusion 580x370

That’s about it…not really doing much this week…we mostly came here for Connie to visit the college and meet students and to park the house while we drove up to Philadelphia for the concert on Saturday.



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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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