Day Trip to Ballycroy National Park

Today was a pretty easy day…after Connie’s tummy issues yesterday she felt better but not great so after a bit of breakfast we dropped off some laundry at the local cleaners (10 Euros for 4 Kilos…which turned out to be one load which was what we had) and then headed off down the N59 toward the west.

We got to the park after a two hour drive or so and parked at the visitor center. Another pretty small operation as far as a national park goes…but better than the others we’ve seen here. A nice display of exhibits in the center along with the story of the bog…this park is the largest untouched area of peat bog left in Ireland.

Ya know…these things are all over Ireland and I looked at ‘em, hundreds of ‘em I say and I couldn’t find one darn one that had 4 leaves. Every dang one I looked at only had 3.

DSC 6640

We got some shots on a short walk around the visitor center…about a mile up and around the hill…as well as a couple o one of the Loughs (lakes) we passed on the way home.

DSC 6641

DSC 6648

DSC 6653

BallycoryNP 20140628

DSC 6665

DSC 6667

Stopped for lunch at Hiney’s Restaurant and Bar in Crossmalina on the way home, picked up our laundry and got back to the hotel. After a nap for a couple of hours we headed off and had dinner while watching the tail end of the Brazil-Chile World Grass Diving Cup game…then it was home for rest.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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