Slight Change of Plans

Well, we left St. Joseph this morning for our 220 mile trip north to South Sioux City, NE…our destination was the Scenic Park RV Campground run by the city and sitting right on the Missouri River. On the way up the park called and told Neil they would save us a water/electric site so we figgered we wuz home free.

On our arrival…the first sign of trouble was the crummy look of the city itself followed by the fact that the park is in sort of a bad neighborhood. The second sign of trouble was when we got to the park and they said they never talked to Neil today and had no spaces. Neil went in and talked to them and they admitted talking to us but still had no spaces.. So…we regrouped and talked about it a bit, checked on openings at our choice B…Ponka State Park in Nebraska nearby but they only had no hookup sites available.

So we picked another park up towards Sioux Falls SD and headed in that direction. About halfway up we stopped in a rest stop and checked out the campgrounds in Sioux Falls. There were several to choose from but all of them (at least the ones with full hookups) were right next to the freeway. Given that we decided that if we were going to be parked next to the freeway anyway we would stick with our original choice of Countryside RV Park about 18 miles south of the city. It was only 125 a week instead of 35 a night and a parking lot alongside the highway is pretty much the same no matter where you are.

So…we got to the park and got settled into site 23…an outstanding site for 125 bucks a week. There’s a little freeway noise but with so little traffic that will die off by about 2200 or so. We’ve got a nice view from reasonably spaced sites over a cornfield. Not as nice a view as Mount Ranier or the woods…but much better than looking over the highway.

We ended up 2 states (NE and SD) farther than we planned but I’m sure that Sioux Falls has interesting stuff to do just like Sioux City would have…and as a bonus we only have about 270 miles to go next week to Fargo rather than the 340 we originally were going to have.

We got setup and then ran into the closest town of Worthing and had dinner at Otis’s Bar and Grill…fried beef short ribs, some tater wedges, and a couple of draft Fat Tire Ales each and all was good. After that we came home and will rest in the recliner until bedtime.

Here’s a shot of our setup…I’ll try to get Neil to take one of our cornfield view tomorrow for ya.

IMG 1407  1

Not much else to report for today. Tomorrow Connie has some work to do…she had a conference call with her boss yesterday and has more work to do now. Thursday and Friday we’ll plan on some Fun Stuff© 


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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