Prince George BC

Well…we pretty much did nuttin this weekend. Friday our friend Wayne from the caravan came over and he and Neil finished up the brake repair on our center right axle…put on the new rotor, caliper, and pads; added brake fluid; and bled the lines. No leaks that we could observe so they buttoned everything up. We’ll check everything once we hit the road. Dinner was at a local pub named Westwood Pub…pretty decent brews and food.

Saturday we went out and got groceries then came home and lazed away the afternoon. After that Wayne and Debbie came by and we headed out for dinner with them at Nancy O’s Pub. Again…great beers and even better food along with great talk with one of the couples on the caravan that we’ll keep in touch with. They live just a bit south of here in Missoula MT and invited us to stop in whenever we’re in the area.

Sunday we went to Mass, did laundry, and then…you guessed it…lazed the afternoon away again. Neil’s making a pork and apple thing for dinner then we’ll start packing up and getting ready to head out tomorrow for our 233 mile trip over to Jasper AB.

We looked at the weather and fires and our planned route over the next week or 10 days and made some contingency plans. First off…it’s supposed to be low 30s, rain, and freezing rain all next week in Jasper…which might put the kibosh on hiking and watching the bike race. Nonetheless…we’re going to go over there Monday morning anyway since to get from here in Prince George back to the lower 48 you have to go east and south or just south…and the forest fires to the south have caused some road closures as well as warnings about smoke. Once we’re in Jasper we’ll check out the weather and either tough it out or leave early…it’s mostly Connie’s call on that one due to the bike race.

Our plan to visit St. Mary MT on the way south is also in jeopardy at this point…most of the fires were west of Glacier National Park with smoke blowing north and east…right into St. Mary and the Going to the Sun Road that we were planning on driving. So…we’ve got some contingency plans figured out that will get us east and south of the fires quickly if need be. No worries about us getting burned up as the fires are still mostly 100+ miles from where we’ll be but if the smoke is causing visibility issues then Going to the Sun Road won’t have any views anyway. 

We’ll play it by ear though…and shake up the jello if/when required.

Just a single photo today…Connie had a $14 bottle of beer last night…it came in a bottle packed inside a box…first time we’ve ever seen that. Innis & Gunn Highland Ale. She said it was pretty good…Neil had a sip and said it was adequate at best and definitely not worth the price.



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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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2 Responses to Prince George BC

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      Glad our brakes are fixed…now if they’ll just stay fixed it would be nice.


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