Connie Attracts the Town Drunk (Again!!)

That’s my story and Ima sticking to it…although she claims that it was actually Neil that attracted him this time but (a) we all know that she’s the one that really attracts them, not him and (b) he only sat next to Neil instead of her because she stuck him with the lousy seat at the corner in the bar with barely enough room to sit his dinner down.

Here’s how it went down.

While we were up in Centreville VA last week we really wanted to go out for sushi to our favorite place down in Fairfax where we used to live. However…since Neil had a really bad cold and didn’t feel well we decided not to drive the 15 miles or so into Fairfax at dinnertime on Friday. We looked out in the Centreville/Manassas area and found a couple of possibilities but most of them didn’t get very good reviews. So after some discussion we decided to head on over to the Bonefish Grill…they have seared Ahi tuna on the menu and while it isn’t as good as sushi it’s at least mostly raw tuna.

We got there about 1730 or so and quickly grabbed the last two seats at the bar…Connie almost always sits on the right side of Neil so her good eye is towards him when they sit at the bar. However…that night she took one look at the two seats and immediately grabbed the good one for herself…the one on the left…and left the crappy corner of the bar seat for him. He came in from parking Big Red out in the back 40 in the parking lot and they ordered a couple of beers and dinner.

Meanwhile the couple on our right left leaving 2 seats open. Almost immediately Paul…at least that’s what he said his name was…slid into one of them next to Neil and he was (a) obviously already well on the way to being loaded and (b) obviously a regular as they gave him two beers without him needing to order. He powered the first one down and after starting on the second one engaged us in conversation.

He was in the moving business and regaled us with his tales of all the famous people and things he had moved…but unfortunately for him he wasn’t nearly as entertaining as most town drunks are. Fortunately for us he headed out after 20 or 30 minutes…places to go and booze to drink I guess…he did offer to buy us a couple of beers but we had already had our planned two drafts with dinner and with Neil feeling poorly didn’t want to stay long enough for another one.

So there ya go…she did it again…and then had the audacity to claim that it was actually Neil that attracted him…but as you can clearly see from the above scenario she was obviously to blame for the entire incident.

The next morning (Saturday) we headed in for an early appointment for Neil’s annual contact lens prescription…he’s got a couple of samples and will coordinate via email with Dr. Herr after he tries them for a prescription once he tries them. After that we headed back to Bull Run, hitched up the house, and hit the road for our 125 mile transit down to Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield VA. We pulled in almost 3 hours later…got stuck in a bunch of slowdowns on I-95 on the way south…dumped our tanks which we had partially filled to slosh around and clean the inside…and got set up in site 116. All of our usual favorite sites at Pocahontas were filled as it was Saturday afternoon. There were still a dozen or so to choose from but 116 was the only one we would have satellite visibility from. 

This was our first back in site since we replaced BAT with Big Red…and we had to jockey back and forth a half dozen times before we were properly in the site straight and over to the left side towards the utility pole. The problem was that Big Red doesn’t have quite the front wheel maximum cut that BAT did…which means that it takes longer for the truck to get straight with the rig again as you back into the site…you get out of line to back the rig into the site then have to take the angle back off as the rig gets to it’s final position. With less front wheel cut he essentially over turned the rig and ended up past parallel to the site sides once it was in. No worries though…he’ll get retrained in a couple of campgrounds and all will be well with it again.

We go this picture of Bryan and Alex this week…obviously Alex is just a clone of Bryan and anybody that knows Bryan knows that he’s a clone of Neil. There they are…immersed in their electronic devices.


The rest of the week has basically been going over to see Alex in the evenings. We’ll continue that and then go over and take advantage of free laundry on Wednesday before we head out on Thursday morning to southwest VA as we generally head back in the direction of Hanna IN for arrival on June 17 for Connie’s next eye follow up appointment.

Interesting things found on the net this week.

Tim has a really good idea here.


Seen outside a wine store.


Domenick must really want his package today.



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