Buckeye Lake OH and Transit to Hanna

Well…Buckeye Lake KOA was pretty nice. we pulled in and got parked in a nice pull through full hookup overpriced (hey, KOA’s are always overpriced but it was the only decent place in the area) site for 3 nights after our 277 mile transit from Dawson. Buckeye Lake sits right off of I-70 and our first night we headed over to Papa Boo’s Bar and Restaurant on the lake…and it was…except for the lakeside ambiance…pretty average. No beer on tap…and nothing really dark in bottles either…we ended up drinking Newcastle Brown Ale which is decent but really not as dark as we normally prefer. The food was average at best…and the entertainment…well, most of the entertainment was us laughing at the way this guy butchered the songs he was trying to sing. He was really bad…even had trouble singing the various verses to the songs in the right order. Sheesh.

Our one day there…we headed over to the Columbus area…first stop was the Arboretum…which turned out to be pretty much a bust but at least it didn’t cost us anything but fuel. From there we headed over to an Irish pub for an afternoon brew…took a look at it from the outside and said “Nah!” and headed north to the next Irish pub we found. Had a pint of Guinness and a Yellow Spot Irish Whisky and it turned out that the place we passed on was actually the gay Irish pub in town. Don’t have anything against gay folks…but it looked kinda rough fro the outside and where we ended up (Claddagh Irish Pub) was pretty much like the pubs over across the pond. Craven’s Gay Irish Pub was just a concrete block building and had no Irishness at all about it.

After the pub we stopped by Kroger and picked up a few groceries we needed…and some country ribs to grill over the upcoming Father’s Day weekend…and headed home.

Friday morning we again hit the road for the last 304 miles back to Hanna…where we pulled into our usual site 25 next to the office. Got setup and just planned on vegetating until Monday. Grilled some chicken Saturday night and the aforementioned country ribs on Sunday…the ribs marinated for 4 or 5 hours in a paste made of mostly Caribbean jerk seasoning type spices with some coffee and cocoa added to the mix…then when they were almost done they got slathered with a sauce Neil mixed up…a combination of a little BBQ sauce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and some teriyaki sauce…so it was sort of an Asian-Caribbean fusion thing. Didn’t really taste all that Asian or Jerk like…but it did taste mighty good. 

Monday we had Connie’s next followup…and have another visit in a month on July 18…along with a recommendation to go ahead and get an ophthalmologist to see if glasses would help or if she needed cataract surgery.

We’re not interested in staying here in IN long enough for that…and she wants a second opinion from the Bascomb Eye Institute at the University of Miami before any more invasive treatment…so we’re shaking up the Jello again…here’s what we think (as of today) that we’re doing.

We’ll stay here in IN until June 30 and get the ophthalmologist appointment done and hopefully some new glasses…then head about 250 miles north to Frankfort Crystal Lake MI for the holiday weekend. After that…we’ll head back south to Elkhart IN to get our rig bearings done then back here to Hanna for the next appointment. Once that’s done…we’ll transfer the rest of her follow up care down to southern FL.

From Hanna…we’ll head over to Junction City KS to get the rig fixed…we have some fiberglass cracks that are basically due to a New Horizons design problem…they need to fix the cracks and then put in some stress relief cuts and trim strips to prevent recurrence. That should get done between July 25 and early August then we’ll head south. Neil’s emailed our normal winter home Seminole Campground to see if we can get in early…shouldn’t be a big issue as the campground is usually pretty empty when we arrive on Nov 1. At worst…we’ll find another park in the area for 2 months.

Once we get there we’ll get a second opinion on Connie’s eye…and also on a potential hernia that Neil may (or may not have…the ER doc wasn’t really all the positive either way) to see if it needs to get fixed.

So that’s about it…there won’t be much more Fun Stuff© this summer…just maintenance, fixing broke stuff, and fixing Connie. Bummer.

We did get a nice shot of Neil in the Adirondack chair at Papa Boo’s.

IMG 0316

Sorry…no interesting stuff on the internet this week…although we did have a power outage for about 2 hours Sunday afternoon when it was 95 degrees…a squirrel decided to commit hari-kari which blew some fuses out on the main electrical line coming in…luckily the power company got it fixed in a couple of hours and we could get the A/C back on.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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