Groundhog Day at Camp Horizons

Have I mentioned how much being stuck at Camp Horizons is less than fully appealing? Have I mentioned how the more things change the more they stay the same?  Color us frustrated at this point.

After arrival on Sunday…we really didn’t expect any work on Monday as there are always leftover rigs getting fixed from last week…and it was raining anyway. We talked to Ken Tuesday morning and gave him our list…Mike came by in late morning to tell us he might be over that afternoon…but here it is Wednesday at 1030 and no work yet.

Ken’s explanation is that the two rigs left over from last week had bigger problems than expected…and that they’ve been in here for 2 weeks and are in a hotel since neither is inhabitable right now. I understand that…but really wish one could get a straight story on when your work might start. Looks like we won’t really get going until probably Monday. His explanation is likely the real story…but we really wish things happened more as scheduled rather than looking like a Chinese fire drill.

Putting in the relief cuts to prevent further cracking, repairs to the existing cracks, and repainting the repairs will probably take 4 days since it’s a lot of time both waiting on fiberglass to cure and in the paint booth waiting on paint to dry before masking for the next color. Had we known that our route here from Elkhart would have been different and more leisurely. We knew going of course that nothing really happens fast when at the factory for service…glad to see our low expectations are valid.

At least we’re not paying for campsites for a few days…and the beer at the Elks Lodge here is very cold and very delicious.

Maybe these interesting things will improve our outlook.

I work with idiots…


Long luggage wait.


Bad decisions.


Definition of irony.



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