Eye Surgery Followup #3

We had Connie’s next follow up visit with Dr. Smiddy at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute down in Naples yesterday…and the good news is that she’s reading 20/30 in her left eye…which means she’s legal to drive…which means that we can go ahead and switch our license over to Florida vice SD.

She’s got another appointment in 3 months…and Neil will have to train her how to operate all the controls in Big Red and make sure she feels comfortable driving him.

As I mentioned in my last post…we’re changing our domicile state to FL…the insurance on Big Red is more but the insurance on the rig is less…and we don’t have to go up to SD and spend a night to meet the license renewal requirements…that would have cost us 4,300 miles of fuel which even at Big Red’s 11.something miles per gallon not towing is almost 400 gallons of diesel and that’s at least $800 plus 7 or 8 nights in hotels, meals, and all that stuff…so it’s just not cost effective.

We’ve established our new mailing address and gotten enough mail (new insurance policies mostly) at the new address to meet the “prove it’s your address” requirement…and have gathered up all the forms, social security cards, passports, titles, bills of sale…in total over a dozen pieces of paper we need. We got our title/registration forms notarized today…the VINs have to be sight verified by a cop or notary public and it’s easier to do it that way than to hitch up and pull the rig down to the DMV. We’ll head over on either tomorrow or Thursday morning and hopefully get all that stuff done.

Our friend Jeff arrived from Tennessee yesterday…he’s just 4 spaces down from us but on the creek in a smaller/shorter site than we have…although he’s got a much larger concrete patio area than we do.

Nothing else going on here…what with the moving to Florida paperwork we’ve been keeping busy with phone calls, web forms, and the like.

On to interesting things this week.

Even Hitler was scared of Chuck Norris I guess.


A lifetime of playing computer games tells me that this cat has a side quest for me and there’s something behind that wall.




I’ve never heard it explained better.


On the political correctness front…this letter was published in the Chicago Tribune.


Well played Katie…well played.


Roger’s my kinda guy.


Some village in England.


This church has the best baptisms ever.


This is us after an evening at the Elks.



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