Becoming Floridans and How Did This Happen

Well…we worked some more on becoming Floridians and it’s a lot harder than what we’ve been told…but then we did try disregarding the advice of our new mailing service so we’re partially to blame.

We’re using St. Brendan’s Isle up in Green Cove Springs near St. Augustine…it’s in Clay county about 300 miles from here. They recommend coming up there and doing everything at their local tax collector office as they’re used to seeing full timers and one doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

We decided to try the local Lee County office down here first…and headed down there yesterday…passports, social security cards, mail with our new address and a whole pile of documentation.

  • Neil’s drivers license is done…easy peasy
  • Connie’s drivers license isn’t done…Dr. Smiddy didn’t fill out her form for the vision certification correctly so we gotta schlep back down to Naples and get a new one. 
  • Rig title and registration is done…slightly harder than Neil’s drivers license.
  • Big Red title and registration…well…that ain’t done. First off they have to have the title in hand to do it…other states take the title application, give you a tag, and send off to the lien holder for the old title then send the new title off to the lien holder. FL makes you have the title sent to the DMV first…so we got the letter sent off to USAA and they say it will be 3-6 weeks to get to the DMV here. We’ll get a letter from the DMV when they have it and can go back in. Second problem with this one was they claimed that since the truck pulls a trailer and the combination is > 26,000 pounds we need to have a Certificate of Combined Single Limit Insurance…essentially a certification that you’ve got liability and Personal Injury Protection on the truck. Our agent at Miller Insurance and the guys at National Interstate Insurance say this is only for commercial vehicles and that the combined truck/rig weight is not applicable to privately registered vehicles. They also tell us they’ve got numerous medium duty trucks registered in Florida without this certificate. So we’ll have to fight that one out when we go back…we may go ahead and get a temporary tag so our license and registration will match if we go back to get Connie’s license.

It’s never easy.

The remainder of this is not a political post…just wondering how it was so wrong. Neither candidate deserved to win…but at least in our view Trump will do less damage to democracy than Hillary would because he really doesn’t understand how inside the beltway works. She as an insider knows well how to game the system. 

Trump won the election as you know…but all the polls showed Hillary winning by 4-6 points nationally which is on the order of 7 million votes. Trump won most of the swing states and the popular vote looks like it will be within a couple hundred thousand votes out of 120 million cast.

Clearly…at least from what we’ve seen over the last months…each of them had a few hard core voters but the majority of their support was more “I’m voting against the opponent” rather than fully supporting who they voted for. Clearly…again to us…is that Bill Clinton’s womanizing and last week’s additional revelations about potential more evidence in the her email scandal had little effect on the outcome…as many voters interviewed in exit polls said they made up their minds more than a month ago…before the recent kerfuffle.

So…how did the pollsters get it so wrong. It’s unlikely that the polls themselves were rigged…but it’s also been pretty obvious for at least the last several months that Trump supporters were being demonized by her campaign and most of the media. My theory is that folks who were going to vote for him either self selected out of polls or lied so they wouldn’t be demonized…so that the pollsters didn’t have random samples any longer.

Neil said weeks ago that she would probably win…but that he wouldn’t be surprised at all if he won since he had already beaten the odds and all the other professional politicians to win the nomination…so beating one more in the general election wouldn’t be that surprising.

Me…I think that it was mostly a vote against the status quo…us regular people are so fed up with the idiots in Washington DC that this was a “Throw the bums out.” vote.

On to interesting things of the week.

There’s this theory called the Buffalo Theory that attempts to explain how survival of the fittest works in the wild. Cliff from Cheers did the most outstanding job of explaining it to Norm.

Buffalo Theory

Think mom wants grand kids?


Cheer up dude.





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