We’re Official Floridians…Almost…Well Kinda Sorta

Before I get to that…let me tell ya about yesterday. Nov 20 is Neil and Connie’s anniversary and yesterday was their 40th. We saw something on the internet early yesterday morning that said that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were married on Nov 20 back in 1947. When Connie told Neil that…he told her that the Queen had chosen a most appropriate wedding day. So…Connie tweeted about it and…at least according to Neil…she went viral. She’s got 239 Likes so far and 16 retweets…imagine “Sooo many likes” if you’ve seen the recent Geico commercial on TV with the Amelia Earhart character.

One of them was this soap opera star from a show that Connie used to watch back in college…she and the actress had 3 or 4 tweets back and forth about our anniversary and how cute the Alex munchkin in her avatar is.

So…enough of that. Today we headed down to get Connie’s FL drivers license…finally got the form last week and she was successful and is now a fully licensed and insured FL driver and voter. Tried to do Big Red as well…still waiting on the title to get here from SD so we’ve still got SD tags on him at this point. Insurance company is fine with that but we’re going out of FL on Dec 8 so hopefully it comes in before then or else we’ll have to get a temporary FL tag just in case. We did resolve an issue they had with our insurance coverage and whether we needed this extra form based on weight…they aren’t interested in the total trailer weight but just the weight of the truck and the portion of the trailer that sits on the truck hitch…this is only 17,000 pounds or so and we’re well within the limit of 26,000 where the extra paperwork is needed.

We also picked up our new microwave/exhaust hood to replace the one that burned up a couple of weeks ago…Neil put the bracket up this afternoon and our friend Jeff is coming down in the morning to help them live it up and put the final couple of screws in to get it mounted.

We’re continuing to march forward on getting our address changed at all the places it needs to be changed…our FL address is in effect and most everybody has been notified.

Nothing much else going on…we’re having Jeff down for Turkey day dinner…but we’re eating steaks and not turkey.

On to interesting stuff.

I don’t know who this dog belongs to or why he’s banned from the park…but he looks like a lot of fun to me.


To steal/paraphrase a line from the movie Jaws…he’s gonna need a bigger pump.


Simply fabulous…if he could speak he would be saying “My humans are assholes.”


It’s not just any biscuit now…


One of the few election related supposedly funny things we’ve seen that’s actually humorous.


Gotta wonder what’s going on at Dillard’s here.


The least missing cat…ever.


And finally…we thought that damn boat would never sink in the movie.



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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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