Memorial Day 2017

Ya know…Neil is a retired naval officer and drove submarines…but all of his shipboard service was during the Cold War and although he was kinda/sorta in harms way…nobody was shooting at him and his shipboard service was all in peacetime. Gulf War 1 (Desert Storm) happened while he was at Naval Sea Systems Command buying Mk 48 ADCAP submarine heavyweight torpedoes but essentially he served in peacetime.

He holds all veterans in high regard…but specifically those that gave their lives for the country or came home maimed in either body or mind…it takes a special kind of person to run into bullets.

Monday is Memorial Day…a day dedicated to all veterans but especially to those who died in service to this country. It’s not a day for car sales, it’s not a day for fireworks, it’s not a day for the Blue Light Special down at K-Mart. It’s a day to honor those brave men and women.

We saw it on a t-shirt a bar-back was wearing a few weeks back…”America. Home of the free…because of the brave.”

Let’s keep it that way. Hero’s don’t wear capes…they wear dog-tags.

Sorry…no funny stuff today…this is serious stuff the sacrifices of the brave men and women who went before us are what we all should be thinking about this weekend. Here are a few links you might like to take a look at along that line.

Honor the Fallen.

American Hero, Texas Son. Raul Perez “Roy” Benavides was a brave son of a gun…jumped onto a helicopter he wasn’t supposed to be a crewman on and flew into a hot landing zone in Vietnam to save his fellow soldiers.

In case you thought it was about a 3-Day weekend.

Mike Rowe’s experience with Travis Mills.

All of you…think about the fallen…and thank whatever God or gods you worship for the freedom they won for you. If you know any veterans or currently serving members…buy them a beer or pay for their meal. Going back to the Revolutionary War in 1775…over 660,000 have given their lives and almost 3 million have been wounded…and the number of gravely maimed coming home has seriously increased since the Vietnam War due to advances in battlefield medicine. And pray for those who sacrificed so that the rest of us might be free. The political left deplores the military and everything it stands for…and lives for their constitutionally guaranteed right to protest. They just forget to give a damn about the fact the freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom of speech for those that agree with you and they certainly don’t give a damn about the folks that ensured their right to protest exists.



Veterans and currently serving members alike…we all owe our way of life to you.

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2 Responses to Memorial Day 2017

  1. Thank you. We have our yard decorated since Thursday night with double rows of American Flags. I hope Joe leaves them up until Flag day which is June 14. If not he will put them up again for Flag day.

    • Neil Laubenthal says:

      Thanks…although many have thanked Neil for his service he really did serve in peacetime and while it was the Cold War the most danger he was in was running out of drawn butter for the lobster or having his steak overcooked.

      To some extent he feels like a bit of a fraud next to the real boots on the ground heroes…even the currently serving Navy folks aren’t in any real danger…they launch missiles or aircraft but it’s still a really safe environment compared to the guys in desert camouflage uniforms.

      I would just leave the flags up if it was me.


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