Transit to Sparks NV

Just a quick post to let ya’ll know our progress.

Tuesday morning we departed Salt Lake City and headed west on I-80…for our scheduled 230 mile trip to our overnight stop in Elko NV. Neil had some sort of stomach thing most of the day and when we got to Ironhorse RV in Elko he felt so bad that Connie went in and checked us in. Luckily we had a nice pull through site 38 right next to the office and since we were traveling again the next day setup was minimal. Front jacks down, slides out, power connected and we were done.

We took a nap and by about 1730 he was feeling better so we had leftover chicken carne asada from the night before…we got some home made (well, store-made but at least not factory made) tortillas from Lee Market in SLC and they were really tasty.

Wednesday we got up, had coffee and oatmeal, pulled in the slides and up the jacks and headed out for our 292 mile transit over to Sparks NV which is a suburb of Reno. Luckily Neil felt better so it was just a long day of driving. We stopped for potty breaks and at a T/A truck stop for lunch at the Taco Bell and arrived in Sparks about 1400. We had a short detour of a subdivision as our GPS tried to take us through the neighborhood to the back of the RV park…a nice lady who lived in the neighborhood sent us on our correct way and we quickly got checked in to our site 357. Neil showed them his retired Navy ID card and we got 20 percent off…saved 48 bucks for our 5 night stay…which was enough to pay for dinner.

We quickly got setup and then headed over to the Flowing Tide Pub IV about a half mile away…we had really great Mammoth Brewing Company Double Nut Brown which was actually a porter and not a brown…but we drank it anyway. Connie had Ahi Tuna and Neil some Pot Stickers and then we came home. We actually still have more carne asada chicken leftover but Connie didn’t want to eat it 3 days in a row so we saved it for tomorrow.

Early to bed was our mantra for the day as we were tuckered out.

Interesting things found on the net.

Just a reminder.

JusTAReminderThe Jesus dog.


Meanwhile…in Wales.


That’s it for today…Fun Stuff© tomorrow.


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The full time RV travels and experiences of Gunther the Bear and Kara the Dog…along with their human staff neil and Connie.
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