Richmond VA and Grand Baby Alex

Can’t really report much…or rather, any…Fun Stuff© this week except for grand baby Alex time…so just a quick catch up post today.

Wed May 9 we departed Savannah GA and with an overnight stop at Fayetteville RV in Wade NC just north of the city for an easy in/out pull through no unhitching required. We headed out to a local place Scrub Oak Grill and Pub for dinner…Neil had a cheese steak and Connie had a scallop salad along with a couple of pints. The food was OK but nothing to really rave about…but it was the only place close.

Next morning…Connie headed out really early about 0700 so that she could get to the Richmond area in time for the Mother/Grandmother Day thing at Alex’s pre-school…Neil followed her an hour or two later and parked in the check in area at Pocahontas State Park for 30 minutes or so as he made better time than he thought he would. Connie got there and we got quickly backed into our reserved site 109…and almost immediately found that the trees had grown and we had no satellite visibility…Neil even tried going to single satellite 101 as that’s really the only one you need but the dish wouldn’t lock on. We were supposed to be in 109 again in the fall…so that evening Neil called and got our reservation changed to 108 which does allow peeking past the trees for satellite visibility.

Dinner that night was leftovers…and we headed over to the human kids the next morning…and spent pretty much every day visiting the kids and Alex. Most of the time we went over there…and we took the kids out to the Japanese Steak House for dinner…unfortunately Yamato has gone way downhill since the last time we ate there 8 or 9 years ago…so we won’t be eating there again. Service was lousy, they did away with the show at the Teppanyaki Grill that the chefs used to do, and the whole experience and menu has been cheapened to the point that it’s not really worth the price anymore.

The next to last night here…the kids came over after Jen got off of work and we had pulled pork Neil made in the crockpot…it musta been good as there were no leftovers…then we had some carrot cake for later. Alex had a sleepover and after watching some cartoons and such…grandparents are s’posed to spoil them ya know…went down about 2000 for the night on his mattress up in the bedroom in the rig. Shortly after that we had a pretty good rainstorm and although it wasn’t too windy or hail-ey in the park there were about 32,000 power outages as a result…including the park. No worries for us…we turned off the A/C, opened the windows as it had cooled off but was pretty humid, and put the fans on for ventilation. Neil got up to recycle beer at 0239 and the power was back on by then…we had moved Alex’s mattress out to in front of the TV when we went to bed and he slept straight through until 0530.

After breakfast of English Muffins and coffee we headed over to the kids house as Alex had pre-school…after the we visited with Alex and Bryan until he headed off to work. Jen came home from school an hour or so later and after another hour or so visiting we said our “until next times”, invited Alex for another sleepover in October…5 months as he counted up on the calendar…and headed home. Dinner was leftovers from Yamato the other night.

Tomorrow we’re off on a 125 mile trip to northern VA…we’ll be in site 113 at Bull Run Regional Park again…there are only a few sites there that have satellite visibility so we always try to get 113 if it’s available. While in the area…we’ve got dental appointments (cleanings), a meeting with Nick our financial guy, an oil change for Big Red, and Neil’s birthday. Nothing else really planned although we might eat at our favorite sushi place one night if we feel like braving the traffic to get there.

Interesting things found on the net.

Well, we didn’t actually find this one on the net…here’s Alex and Jen.

IMG 1187

In a lot of households…there’s an ongoing argument about which way the toilet paper should be installed on the roll…does it feed off the top or the bottom? Well…going back to the original patent application in 1891…there is a definitive answer. Clearly…the patent applicant never had a cat…because those damn things will just paw at it until the whole roll is on the floor.






We’ve often been asked what retirement is like…we usually reply by saying we’re so busy that we wonder how we ever got by when we had to work too…then I saw this which perfectly illustrates our goal in life now…although for us it’s rum, draft craft beer, and merlot.


Damned autocorrect.


And finally…DumDum.



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