Back in ‘Murica

I just wanted to put up a quick post to let ya’ll know our status…as we haven’t done anything on the Fun Stuff© list since our return.

Saturday morning we bid adieu to Dalhousie and later in the day to our northern neighbors…but before that we headed out Friday afternoon to Saltwater’s Lounge…located right near the marina and another RV park in Dalhousie…this was the local pub we tried to visit earlier in the week but could not find. Connie was drinking Rickard’s Red Ale out of a bottle but Neil went with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and ginger ale instead…she had a trio of them and well Neil might have had mebbe just one more than she did…but in any event we achieved our goal which was to spend all of our foreign money before we left…after the tip we had precisely no more cash. That worked fine until the next morning when we got the $10 deposit on the gate card at Inch Arran RV Park back…so we ended up with $10 remaining as we didn’t spend any on the way.

We were up and started getting ready for departure at 0800 and pulled out a bit after 0900 for our 209 mile trip to cross the border and stop in Houlton ME about 2 miles into the US…we could have made it all the way to our first real destination in Maine at Medway…but when we called to extend our reservation there and arrive early they could let us in a week early on Sunday but not on Saturday…so we made the decision to stop at Houlton. Turned out to probably be wise because although we could have made it…after we spent an hour and a bit getting across the border…more on that in a minute…it would have been a bit later getting to Medway than we would have liked although still acceptable. 

We got to the border and there were two lanes open for entry…one for RVs and trailers although it had some cars in it…and one for cars. The car only one moved a little faster but not significantly. We slowly bumbled our way forward and eventually Neil who was in front with the rig got to the station. He gave the agent his passport and went through the litany of questions…do you have any produce or meat…yes, told him what we had and he didn’t care about that…do you have beer or wine…yes, told him we had 7 bottles of wine we were bringing back…he wanted to know if we had a receipt…of course not although Neil did offer to show him the Visa charge on his iPhone banking app. He said we would have to go inside and pay the duty as only 1 bottle each is authorized…methinks they don’t know their own rules as what we had read the day before said 1 gallon per person if you had been out of the US more than 30 days…but whatever.

He pulled ahead and off to the side and carried our 7 bottles of wine inside…the agent inside, a more seasoned one in his 50s probably asked him why he was inside…Neil told him the guy outside told him to take our wine inside. The agent said…it’s personal use, right…Neil answered in the affirmative so the agent started counting bottles and looking at the alcohol percentage and calculated that we would owe a massive import duty of $1.21 US for the 7 bottles. He then went over to start filling out the paperwork…and his fellow agent told him “you can always use your discretion ya know”…at that point Neil’s agent said “you know what…my discretion says that they will have to pay me more to fill out the paperwork than the country will make in duty…so you’re free to go.”…at which point we left and headed the last 2 miles to our exit at Houlton and another 2 miles north to My Brother’s Place Campground.

On checking in…we asked about the name…and it turns out that the founder of the park some 50something years back was a Shriner and their philosophy is that we’re all brothers…so he named the park that way. We quickly pulled into site 17 a nice grass pull through and had a real easy setup. De-aired our hitch, front jacks down to take the weight off of the truck, hooked up power and we were done…although we did have to pull out a 50 amp extension cord to reach as we had parked far enough back that our dish would have satellite visibility.

We lazed around an hour or so and then went to the local Irish Pub…which was an Irish Pub in name only. No Guinness, no Harp or any other standard Irish brew, only Jameson and Bushmills Irish whiskey behind the bar…and no Irish food at all. Neil had a bacon burger which was adequate but not much better than that…Connie had clam strips that she said were decent. The only really good part of the meal was Neil’s fries which they called Farm Fries…they were thick cut with seasoning on them and a honey-mustard-something else he didn’t recognize sauce to dip them in.

Next morning…since we had gone to Mass before heading out to the pub the night before…and since we only had 60something miles left…we took our time and didn’t even start getting ready to leave until 1000…pulling out about 1030 and heading south and west on I-95.

We exited the freeway at Medway and 2 miles later pulled into Katahdin Shadows Campground…a nice little gem of a mostly wooded campground. We quickly got registered and into our pull through site 78…which was supposed to have satellite visibility but we quickly determined that was a no-go. The owner’s mother…who lives in a park model right next to site 78…asked us if we were looking for satellite visibility as Neil had his phone out and his satellite finding app running…he said yes and she said…you can’t see any. However, there’s a dish over on the roof of the office and a drop outside our park model…we had them put in a couple extra drops for nearby RVs to use…so he pulled out our cable TV coax cable, connected to the drop, ran the cable in through our galley slide seal and barrel connected it to our Genie DirectTV receiver. Works fine…but it does give you occasional alerts about not being able to see the satellite (seeing as hot it’s turned off and lowered) and that the satellite it could see is the wrong kind (again not surprising as it’s a fixed dish)…we don’t watch much live TV anyway and the recordings don’t have the alert. 

We did watch the tale end of the US Open golf championship before having some seared Ahi tuna, rice, and wasabi for dinner.

Monday we did nothing…went out and made a grocery run then Neil grilled a steak and some onions, mushrooms, and leftover fries from Sunday at the pseudo Irish Pub for dinner…along with a chicken breast that we’ll make a chicken Caesar salad out of on Tuesday. Connie’s got a pedicure appointment today and it’s drizzling on and off…then a hair and nails appointment on Thursday but we’ll be able to do some Fun Stuff© Thursday morning and potentially over the weekend and next Monday and Tuesday. We’re also expecting a bunch of Amazon deliveries as US Amazon Prime don’t work north of the border…as well as a delivery from our mail service with our absentee ballots for this month’s primary.


Since I didn’t have any new photos for ya…here are a couple of almost repeats that we really liked from the northern portion of our summer.

‘Berg in Newfoundland.

D75 2918 2

Black bear eating dandelions next to the road in Newfoundland…we were stopped for a construction flag person and Neil spotted it.

D75 2537 Edit Luminar2018 edit

One of the few visually distinctive lighthouses in the entire country.

D75 2507 2


D75 3090 2

Tower at Signal Hill in Saint John’s Newfoundland.

D75 3322 AuroraHDR2018 edit Edit 2

Moose warning sign on Cape Breton Island…damn liars.

D75 3560 2

Sunrise at Dalhousie NB.

D75 3877 2

Interesting things found on the net.

Yeah…about right.




Thank goodness for Mississippi.


We have a problem.


Think I’ll pass on this one.


Nice pun.



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