Wiscasset ME

Sorry ‘bout the week between posts…but things have been a bit slow ‘round the rig and I just haven’t gotten ‘round tuit ya know. But I’ll remedy that now.

After our visits to Baxter State Park and the other nearby sights…we lazed around for the weekend and headed out on Tuesday last to Wiscasset ME…if we had realized It was so close to Boothbay we would have likely chosen another destination but we didn’t so we didn’t and that’s just the way it is.

Anyways…we made the 185 mile transit pretty easy and pulled into a nice pull through site 2B at Chewonki Campground…although we had to back out so it was really only a pull through for smallish rigs…we could have gone ahead to get out of the site but the turn from the field back onto the campground road was too tight between trees for us to make it through…but I’m getting ahead of myself. The campground doesn’t have too many full hookup sites but we snagged one last February when Neil was making reservations and there’s a very nice terraced park heading down to the river with pretty nice views. We were there for four nights and just had a few things scheduled but it was otherwise planned to be another easy week. We found a great local pub…Montsweag Farm Restaurant and Pub…the first night and had Happy Hour and an appetizer then went home to eat leftovers for dinner. 

Friday was a combined errand and Fun Stuff© day. We started with a stop by Home Depot then went to the Mazda dealer in Brunswick to get an oil change for Little Red…then headed down to Portland Head Lighthouse for some photos and a look around. After that we stopped by the Great Lost Bear Pub for brews and dinner…it’s the Maine entry on the 50 Best Beer Pubs in America we got from some magazine a while back. Neil had Dragons Milk Stout and Connie tried Brown Hound Ale and Space Gose which is a lemon flavored sour style…dinner was a Philly Cheese Steak for Neil and a crab wrap for Connie. All was good and we had leftovers for lunch since we split a grilled teriyaki mushroom appetizer before the sandwiches. After dinner we stopped by the Maine entry on the Best BBQ In Each State list…Salvage BBQ…where we got chopped pork and brisket along with mac’n’cheese to go for dinner the next night…then headed the 30 miles back to the campground.

Saturday we had a drive scheduled…named Driving the Sheepscot which is a local river. We spent a couple hours doing that and enjoying the nice scenery on a beautiful late August day…we had lunch across the street from Red’s Lobster Rolls first then stopped by the railroad museum, a country store, and the Oxbow Brewery for some samples…we passed all of those on our drive. We should have passed on the Oxbow Brewery as there was nothing there worth sampling…but we did bring home a bottle of their stout for later. It turned out that the stout was terrible also.

Sunday we stayed home mostly but did head out to the Montsweag Farm Pub for dinner…which was OK but not nearly as good as we were hoping it would be. They do pour a mean cocktail…about a triple and served in a pint beer glass for $7…and Connie had a couple pints of Blood Orange Wheat which she really liked but Neil thought was terrible…but he can’t force her to be right I guess.

Monday we got packed up and ready to go planning for about a 1000 departure and we were just about on time as we pulled out. Neil backed out of our site onto the road and then picked his way back through the low hanging branches on the pine trees…thank goodness for air suspension on Big Red which we can dump the air out of and lose 4 inches of height doing so…then we headed out. We had about 60 miles to go on ME-26 to get there and thought it would be one of those Adventure Travel Days©…but it turned out to be a relatively easy drive except for the road surface part of the way which was quite bumpy. Not Cape Breton Island bumpy but definitely not I-95 down to Fort Lauderdale either.

We got to Stony Brook Rec Campground just abbot 1300…and were amazed to find out that we were the last arrivals of the day…everybody else coming in on Monday was already there…that’s quite unusual as usually the arrivals peak about 1700-1800…but we quickly got checked in and pulled into our pull through site 43…which is long enough to get 2 fifth wheels in…we’ve got the rig and both Reds in it and have plenty of room left over. It was a pretty nice afternoon so we sat around the drivers side in the shade of the rig most of the afternoon…then Neil grilled some chicken for dinner.

Tuesday our big thing was Walmart for groceries…we really were getting low on a lot of things but we’ve got some Fun Stuff© scheduled for later in the week…I’ll write more about that when it happens…then it’s Labor Day weekend this week so we’re planning on doing laundry and staying home while Neil grills up some marinated pork country ribs.

Ok…let’s have some photos.

Portland Head Light…and what’s that I see in the background?

D75 4052 Luminar2018 edit

Why it’s Bonus Light of course.

D75 4069

D75 4059

Lobstah day cruise boat off of the light.

D75 4077

And a couple of sailboats out for a cruise on a nice day.

D75 4078

D75 4079

Great Lost Bear Pub.

D75 4083

On our Driving the Sheepscot we stopped by the railroad museum…it’s all about 2 foot gauge railroads which are much narrower than standard gauge rails…this allows them to go around tighter corners and then need smaller tunnels dug through the mountains. We skipped the train ride.

D75 4084

They also had a 1932 Pickup on display.

D75 4085

The roof of the old station house.

D71 7220

We passed the Alna Meeting House…one of the oldest churches in the state dating from 1789 with a virtually original interior.

D75 4089

Looking out over the Sheepscot River from one of the many bridges we crossed.

D75 4093

D75 4096

No idea what these seed pods are but we thought they were interesting.

D75 4101

And up here in Maine they still sometimes cut their silage the old fashioned way.

D75 4103

D75 4107

As we headed for the Oxbow Brewery we passed this sign.

D75 4114

We almost ate at this place instead of Montsweag…but decided that with the lobstah on the roof it would be too cheesy.

IMG 2852

Sunday afternoon we got this shot looking from our site down towards the river.

D75 4115

Why did the chicken cross the road? Dunno…but I can tell you why the turkeys crossed the road…to get to the other side of course. Tom Turkey led the way across followed by the baby with momma bringing up the rear and keeping the little ones out of trouble. We got this as we came back into the campground after dinner the night before we left.

IMG 2854

We only stopped once on the way from Wiscasset to Hanover…just pulled into a roadside rest stop to recycle coffee and discovered Snow Falls in the rest area.

D75 4126 AuroraHDR2018 edit

Interesting things found on the net.

Just in case you’ve ever wondered where baby VWs come from.



Somehow I don’t think train tracks work that way.


Suspicious circumstances.


We’ve all been there.




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