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Sorry ‘bout it being 9 days since my last post…but rallies are hard. Follow that up with 2 hard travel days and we’re plum wore out…but Ima gonna try and catch ya’ll up anyways.

After my last post which detailed our floor installation with pictures…we worked on a few more rigs fixing stuff on Friday and through the weekend. Our sole contribution to Fun Stuff© was dinner out at a local Mexican restaurant…named Taqueria Jalisco…and it had the best Mexican fare we’ve had since 2 years back when we were in Springdale UT and ate twice at the Bit and Spur Saloon just south of the entrance to Zion National Park. Taqueria Jalisco was right up there with it though…Connie had Carne Asada and Neil a steak dish…the meat was seasoned perfectly and had been marinated in something really tasty beforehand. Both were outstanding and we had leftovers that we made burritos out of later in the week.

Starting Monday…we were hitting it pretty hard every day…the hard part about a rally is that you’ve got to be “on” and “social” starting early in the morning with really no stop until mid evening. What with breakfast, rally presentations, happy hours, and catered dinners…it’s quite tiring…not to mention the running around fixing more rigs…I think we were up to 7 or 8 by the end of the week.

We had 3 catered dinners…Mexican one night, Texas BBQ one night, and Italian the third night followed by a pot luck dinner on Friday to close the rally. Cole and Sharon (Phil’s widow who now owns the company) came out for a couple of days and we caught up with both of them.

Thursday was a free day with no formal rally activities…although there was still rig repair stuff going on. Afterwards Neil and Connie headed out to the Pier 27 River Lounge where they had a couple of Alaskan Amber Ale’s each, some grilled oysters, and fried mushrooms.

IMG 2957

Friday after dinner…we had the much anticipated RV Trivia Game…each rig formed a team. There were 62 multiple choice questions regarding RVs, roads, and sites you may or may not have seen. Then we passed our score sheets to our neighbor for scoring. Neil and Connie’s final score was 47 right out of 60…and they turned out to be the winners by at least 3 questions over the field. For their efforts they won two brand new folding camping chairs donated by Camping World. Once we get to Lawrence tomorrow I’ll have Neil break them out for you.  Here are a couple shots from the rally.

The windmill at Buckhorn Lake Resort…it functions but doesn’t actually do anything useful…however with the wind in Texas it was rarely not spinning pretty madly.

IMG 2954

One of our intrepid rally masters…Jim Fiste who helped Neil with the floor.

IMG 1307

Friday afternoon…we skipped one of the early afternoon seminars and did all of our getting ready to leave stuff…as we were leaving early Saturday morning for our 900 mile 3 day trip to Lawrence KS to pick up US Route 50 and start the real Fun Stuff© portion of this travel season. We started preps at 0700 Saturday AM and were on the road by 0830…340 miles later we pulled into Wichita Falls RV in Wichita Falls TX for our overnight stop. We quickly headed out to Mass then out to dinner at the Half Pint Taproom…which had about 60 brews on tap. We sampled a couple of really great stouts and shared a most excellent Sausage and Mushroom Pizza for dinner…then we had a couple of left over Pecan Pie Brownies (our contribution to the pot luck at the rally Friday evening) before bedtime. Sunday we were up at 0500…again…Neil went out and got some donuts from Texas Donuts for breakfast…we started at 0715 and were on the road at exactly 0801. 366 miles later we pulled into Air Capital RV in Wichita KS…headed out to O’Malley’s Irish Pub…which wasn’t actually either a pub or Irish…it was more of an Irish themed bar. However…the wings were excellent, the Guinness and Smithwicks brews were typically outstanding…and in honor of Mother’s Day we each had a shot of Green Spot Irish Whiskey…topped with a few drops of water to smooth out the harshness and mellow the flavor.

We’ve got one more travel day to Lawrence KS tomorrow…but thankfully it’s only 190 miles so we’ll start no earlier than our standard 0800…which we might slip to 0830 since we’re already hitched up and only have power to disconnect. We’ll be at the KoA in Lawrence 3 nights and Connie has 2 days of Fun Stuff© scheduled for us.

Just a couple of interesting things from the net this time…Ima tired and ready for the recliner.





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